Friday, May 6, 2011

Japan: Day Eight

Remember I was like "oh we might go to the aquarium today"? Well, time to fliiiiip it up, because we went to the WORLD'S LARGEST AQUARIUM instead. Yeah howsabout that for a twist, huh?

Anyways, it was pretty great. I took a lot of pictures. Most of them prolly didn't turn out all that well but I'll upload whatever ones did plus whatever I can offer by way of explanations on the facebook page.

 Oh what else I guess we'll do this now regular segment:

Interesting things I ate today
-Taiyaki! It wasn't what I would have expected, the texture was more pancake-like than the crispy sort of thing I expected. It was also really hot, I didn't know it would be served hot. Really tasty, though. Red bean paste maintains its status as a top tier filling.

-Burger with bacon and egg - probably one of the best cheapest fast food burgers I've ever had.

-Candy that is sorta like Starbursts that my cousin recommended when I requested candy that was like Starbursts. They came in grape and apple. The grape was really artificial tasting but still alright. The apple tasted like the sort of "apple flavor" they use all over the place. It tastes much more "flowery" (not "floury") than how we use the taste of an apple. I can't really describe it. Tasty, though. The texture was sort of like Starbursts but softer and chewier.

-Frozen fruit ball things. These had a crust like a popsicle but the inside was like a sherbet. Flavors were grape, apple, melon and mango. The grape and apple ones tasted a lot like the grape and apple candy, the melon sorta a generic sweet flavor. The mango was the best by far. I wonder if it had a similarly "artificial" taste but I just didn't recognize it because mango candies aren't common in Canada. It tasted like a mango smoothie, at any rate, pretty great.

Special Report: What I Drank: I found it: It was all worth it just for this


All my witch-related problems were instantly solved, along with my existential crises and my inability to choose what wish to have granted!!! Not only that, but I was prevented from ever being tired/unhappy in an office ever again! It was a power bestowed onto me, along with several dozen other such powers.




alright that's enough of that

action shots of me drinking it going to go on the facebook

plus probably going to bring the bottle home

unlikely to load up the basket with them like in the ad though because uh

it actually does not taste all that great?

I dunno I found like the first millisecond of each taste was pleasant, kind of a mild fruity flavor, and then it was replaced by a really artificial-"machiney" taste that seemed vaguely reminiscent of the things I disliked about slushies. It was okay but not the best thing I've had here, which is saying a bit 'cause I haven't really found that many juices that taste fantastic. I think it's still my chief complaint about Japan. Everything seems artificially flavored or sweetened. Granted, this makes for some very tasty rice and bread and such, but in juices, where I want simplicity, it's sort of strange.

I guess that's about it. Check the facebook album link for more pictures.

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