Sunday, May 11, 2014

Song of the Day #17: Kanye West - Hey Mama

Special Mother's Day edition of song of the day

Ahh, what a nice song. When all the voices come in at the start it never fails to make me smile. I think this song nicely illustrates one of my favorite things about Kanye, it proves how his sincerity will always trump any manufactured image. There is no way to make this song not sound super corny on paper but there's no way to deny how beautiful and inspired the message actually is. Actually though yeah there is lol there was this post on reddit I saw once where a guy was trying to criticize Kanye, he "broke down" the lyrics of this song and complained that they were "grammatically incorrect", which would be insulting to his mother, and that it has inconsistency because Kanye says "let me tell you what I'm gonna do" and then doesn't say what it is, etc... I think it nicely illustrated one of my least favorite things about reddit. I just spent like an hour looking for it but couldn't find it. Happy Mother's Day!

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