Monday, May 12, 2014

Song of the Day #18: Kanye West - Untitled Snippets from Kanye's New Album


2014 is gonna be a completely insane year for music... it already is.

I don't usually go for "album spoilers" but I just had to hear something REAL from this album, something. And this is... exactly what I wanted to hear. It sounds like nothing else on some levels but has a certain Kanye charm and sheen that is present in all of his work. It's bright and clean, a really nice contrast to Yeezus. This sort of bouncing between aesthetics really makes it seem like he's always fresh and eager for his next project. "Father is a black Bruce Wayne/Only shorty in preschool rocking two chains", haha okay. And who is the feature? No one has even guessed... But oh man that beat, can anyone explain to me what is going on with that beat?

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