Thursday, May 15, 2014

Song of the Day #20: Pimp C - Pourin' Up (ft. Mike Jones & Bun B)

Oh no I missed Song of the Day yesterday...

I didn't have any excuse, I just forgot. Ugh. The streak is ruined!!

RIP Pimp C!! This is one of my favorite Pimp C songs, if not my favorite. This is just like... Texas: The Song. His flow on his verse is just insane, the alliteration and internal rhyming makes it go down super smooth. And then Mike Jones, who is like, the king of superficial obnoxiousness, comes in with that addictive drawl, saying absolutely ridiculous things like "can't you tell by the wrists?" and "I don't got no love for 'em but hard dick and bubble gum", which he repeats like three times and I always have to stop myself from shouting on inappropriate occasions. Bun B is still my favorite in the whole UGK family, though, and he hits a really sick slow and low verse here. Fantastic song, quintessential south.

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