Sunday, June 29, 2014

Song of the Day #57 - Ab-Soul - Tree of Life

I rap like I go to church with work in the trunk!

This is a pretty slick song... always great when an album can start off with two sweet bangers back to back. There's a rhythmic quality to his flow on this song that I find really addictive, you can hear it as soon as they stutter "break easy" at the start... This sort of stop-start truncation feels so satisfying with a really smooth beat behind it. Lyrically, he's having a lot of fun by playing around with like five different interpretations of the word "tree", and it's nice and clever. I dunno I mean the lyrics are whatever, here I'm mainly just into the overall feel of the whole song. The little outro thing is pretty funny though, all his "soul"-drops, and then he owns up and says "that one was a stretch", lol.

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