Friday, July 25, 2014

Song of the Day #65 - Shlohmo - FACT Mix 277

Wow Song of the Day was on a looong vacation!


Umm so now we have a 37 minute long DJ mix... does that make up for it? I was gone for 12 days, so this is kinda like... 3 minutes or so per day. Yay. This is a really sick mix, I think it predicts a lot of really cool vapourwave/sadboys sorta aesthetics. The beginning is solid and catchy, which somehow makes like, the whole 37 minutes addictive... you finish it, and you just want to hear that part again, and that brings you back through the whole thing. Koopsta Knicca's trill-ass "Stash Pot" coming on over those eerie beats, the triplets are SO GOOD. Other good parts are like... the vocal effects over Big Mike that come in around 23:30 are sweeeet, Tom Wait's "Dirt in the Ground" coming in around 28:00 is completely GOAT and transcendental, and the pure WONKINESS that follows is Shlohmo in top form. There's also a part with a really brief Sinead O'Connor sample that always like, stops my heart, but I can't find it atm. Which is nice... still some surprises, too.

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