Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Song of the Day #97 - Run the Jewels - Angel Duster

A little toast to the no ones...

Maaaaaaan, when they make the little glass "tink" sound after El-P says that it just makes me a little giddy. Those little touches... it's like, the love that's so evident, you have to love an album that gets so much love. Anyways today I'm writing a paper on... is the internet an Ideological State Apparatus, as defined by Althusser? Well atm I'm procrastinating on writing this. It's a pretty cliche sorta scene to see some first year take a cultural studies course or whatever and call himself a Marxist and buy a Che Guevara shirt. I dunno if it even happens, or if it even did, but you know what I mean, and that's evident enough of something. But I think we should be careful to remember that although we can make fun of that scene, we're making fun of the attitude of the kid, not the actual tenants of Marxism, which are extremely and compelling in content and presentation. The kid's eagerness really ought to be proof of that, instead of somehow the opposite. At the very least I think it should take more than mocking the most mockable subset of "Marxist" for you to personally dismiss everything there.

Likewise I think I, and others, fall into a trap with RTJ lyrics where it's like, oh, okay, that's just conspiracy theory stuff, whatever. It deserves more than that, at least. Like, especially if you like the music... why just be cynical and dismissive when you could actually engage yourself in them? I dunno man it's not like I agree with everything they say but there's a lot of interesting stuff here. I mean look at this: "In every holy book it says we suffer that's what it is/So riddle me this: from the womb to the tomb, why do we fight to live?". I mean, what other questions do we really need to ask? It's... pretty important stuff, I think. I dunno like I still like the production and the intensity of the voices primarily so whatever.

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