Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Song of the Day #108 - Local Business Comedy - New Sleighs

It's almost Christmas, so here's some Christmas music!

These guys went through and made a whole Yeezus Christmas album. The whole thing is definitely worth listening to. The lyrics are pretty hilarious without being too tryhard... they match the level of "thought" apparent on Yeezus, which is important. Yeah, the vocals are sorta amateurish, but I think that adds to the appeal, sorta... I think it highlights how goofy the whole thing is, which, really, has to be the point. I chose the "New Slaves" one 'cause that was my favorite track off the original, but I'm not sure what my favorite of this Christmas redux is.

Someday I want to do a list of "novelty" albums, albums where the "goal" is tangential to making good music (but still sounds good anyways!). This will prolly make it, alongside Gold-n-Fly, In My G4 Over Da Sea, idk...

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