Thursday, May 14, 2015

Song of the Day #138 - 2 Mello - Throw Some Ds vs Vanilla Salt

The journey to the perfect genre marches ever forward!

The hip hop/anime mashup genre has long been lauded by scholars as the finest musical development since humans evolved to be able to process sound, but exploration into the (nearly infinite) potential has been slow and sporadic. 2 Mello's Moe Money Moe Problems seems to understand this crisis, and has some really fine tracks, this is probably my favorite? The transition between the previous track (which expertly digs a layer deeper than most of these mashups with some Danny Brown) and this one is sublime, that triumphant feeling of complexity increasing. Rich Boy's flow lands in some sort of weird space between relentless and stationary... Especially slowed down to meet the Toradora OP's tempo, he feels like he's going about as lazy as he can with it, but then he's so endless! It's an absolute torrent of explosively punctuated lines that makes it a classic. I love how it sounds over the transition into and out of the piano solo section, how "unphased" Rich Boy is. There's a sense of a sort of rampaging overpowering triumph in it, maybe? Very inspired song.

And then it ends with 2 Mello's DJ interludes, which I think are maybe my favorite part... they're cheesy, and feel weirdly detached from an "intimate" knowledge of the scenes involved. And this disconnect is so quickly betrayed by the music itself, which, of course, is super authentic and full of love (or full of something). But it has the same sort of aesthetic of an actual MC at a club, who has been hired to hype up the crowd, but is only vaguely familiar with what they're being surrounded by. Like the DJ at the start of the "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" video (I almost chose his remix of that one, btw)... there's something really sweet and endearing about it. It's a pretty great project in general, I encourage you to check it out.

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