Thursday, August 13, 2015

Song of the Day #183 - Dr. Dre - Satisfiction (ft. Snoop Dogg, Marsha Ambrosius and King Mez)

Nah, I'll be doin' me lokin'

Alright we're back to this now. For no reason I tried to figure out the quickest path between Joanna Newsom and Dr. Dre. So... Joanna Newsom was sampled by The Roots, and Black Thought has done stuff with Snoop Dogg, and ofc Snoop and Dre go way way back. Or, if a sample is no good, Joanna Newsom is married (inexplicably imo) to Andy Samberg, did some vocals on a few Lonely Island tracks, and The Lonely Island did a song with Snoop, etc. So, uh...

You ever wonder how it was that Snoop became one of those "rapper"-rappers, like, a rapper that shows up on a comedy song where the punchline is that he's a rapper and he's rapping on this song? Or a legitimizing force on pop songs, like... we needed a rapper on this song for demographic reach (and also because it's hype) and we didn't just get some no-name, we got SNOOP DOGG. And with this plus the fact that he's basically become a human meme and does whatever he wants all the time, does it confuse anyone else that his clout in that regard has somehow increased?

It's cause no one's forgotten Doggystyle, not even after two decades, and everyone knows he can still spit a verse like this one when he wants to. And he wants to on nothing less than a certified banging Dre beat, apparently. It may seem a little ironic that the whole song is about being true to yourself, and how any sort of material or external reward is just "satis-fiction", and Snoop's career for the last decade is just doing whatever he figures will be fun and profitable. And I kinda want to be like "well that is what satisfies him on a personal level" but then his whole verse is how this bothers him and it's bullshit and Dre should change it or whatever lol. But then it's like... I dunno... somehow this whole hypocrisy is like, kinda endearing itself? Or actually though none of this matters.

What matters is that this is a sick sick verse and when he starts the melody of the beat shifts slightly and then when he says the "Nah I'll be doin' me lokin'" line, there's this awesome ascending synth thing and I'd like to see Joanna Newsom do THAT, like, I'd really like to hear that lol. And the hook is sick. I kept mishearing "true revealing" as "true religion" and I found that interesting. And all the verses are sick. I love how King Mez starts his verse so conversationally and then starts flowing out of it, wow, what a talent! I also love how there's the pattern of like... opening verse also gets last verse, that always hypes me up (Kanye's "Never Let Me Down" prolly the best example off the top of my head), the last verse always sounds so triumphant etc etc.

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