Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Song of the Day #185 - De La Soul - Rock Co. Kane Flow (ft. MF DOOM)

From the top of the key for 3 - Villain!

Feeling nostalgic, so here's something I listened to like twelve times a day 10 years ago. Wow. I was recently talking to a friend who's trying to get into hip hop and is starting out with backpacker stuff, like we all do. Listening to Chance the Rapper, mainly. I told him to listen to DOOM 'cause he's the best to ever do it, and it was almost like I had to actually say that to remember how true it was.

Everything about this song is both perfectly on-point and feels sorta chaotic and arhythmic. There's a really good video where Jake One breaks down how he made it, pretty sick. They go in so hard on it, especially over the breakdown, with their flow going rocky at just the same pace. I wonder if they saw that potential just from hearing the beat. All of De La proves why they're two-decade veterans with flows and cleverness we're still figuring out. DOOM lies even further beyond. The whole drug/flow metaphor strings together so many godly lines I can't even begin to catalog them. On rapgenius every line has like several paragraphs. This one is ridiculous man DOOM what a god.

I remember having "Yo let's cookie cut the shit and get the gingerbread, man" stuck on my head for like weeks on end. Like every time I thought of it it just felt more clever, more funny, a tighter flow. I think this was one of my first exposures to the appeal of pure raw flow, like really something that lied beyond all my comprehension, that felt like I could never really grasp. And even now, there's something elusive, maddening in all the best ways.

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