Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Song of the Day #227 - Rustie - Morning Starr

Back once again!

This is my favorite track off Rustie's new album. You might know him from the wonderful Ultra Thizz, a definitive example of "goddammit I know I've heard this somewhere before, where did I hear this?"core. Lately I have been very occupied with like... a-emotional music, music that seems to have no clear emotional "objective", and yet still has a lot of emotional "agency". Music that makes you go "I feel very very" but then you can't really find the word to fit in that box.

This is not music like that. This is happy happy music. This is "dance in your chair whether you want to or not"core. This is "whatever little thing you did today has become a great victory"core. Rustie's music - especially the groundbreaking Glass Swords - has achieved widespread critical acclaim and landed him on the legendary Warp records, but his music always seems a bit disconnected from that realm of music-making. To me, it always seems to have the sensibilities of like... what a 13 year old kid would make? Like, from the titles, to the bombastic samples, to this innocent, endless, wellspring of energy... it feels most at home on some kid's Minecraft compilation, right?

But of course this would be like a genius kid, and like, maybe the happiest kid imaginable? Like a some prodigal main character from a kid's anime. It's just full of this... youthful exuberance, y'know? I dunno if I can really describe it. And I'm not sure where this comes from. I can't pinpoint exactly what elements give it this energy distinct from a-emotional sounds. Like when I was talking about AraabMuzik and DJ Rashad recently, there's a sort of "power" to them, but what emotion is behind it? And what makes this a "happy" song? Oh who knows who cares sometimes it's just about having fun.

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