Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Song of the Day #237 - Rick Ross - Foreclosures

Everybody in this office, we could die tonight!

Alright so usually Song of the Day is just whatever song I listened to most that day, whatever song I was most obsessed with at that point. Not always, though. If that was a hard and fast rule, probably 75% of the last few months worth of Song of the Days would just be this song. Again and again. With the text being variations of "Oh man was Rick Ross always this good? Why don't I listen to Rick Ross all the time??" and "MMMMMaybach music wow that is the best use of a tag since Thugger's "The Blanguage", is this the greatest song since "The Blanguage"? I am thinking that it is". Over and over again.

Okay well is Rick Ross actually this good all the time? My experience with him has never been fandom as much as it is leaping from single to single... First was Hustlin, which I really liked cause of this sick A-Trak remix, and then next I think was his verse on John, where he is in a wheelchair with spinning rims, everything he did on MBDTF was godlike, his presence on Bugatti is perfect... there's others I'm not remembering... but somehow this never translated into going out of my way to listen to his tracks that didn't burst through into general public consciousness, or give his projects much anticipation, or anything like that. Not really sure why. There's only so much time, I guess.

I think it's almost for the best, though... now there's a certain element of both surprise and then rushup familiarity, where I think "woah, right, I remember how this works now, this is sick", basically all contained in the first second where I hear the "Maybach music" tag. I don't really want to dilute it with mediocrity, and I think if there's one thing you could never say about this song, it's "mediocre". The beat is like everything money can buy, and Ross's voice is like leather over it - rugged but smooth, elite but everyman. The level of drama in the story he tells is cinematic, and idk if he's calling out anyone specifically, but they have been left with no response. He manages to both lament and brag and sound honest doing both. Billion dollar banger right here.

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