Thursday, January 21, 2016

Song of the Day #254 - Waka Flocka Flame + Pa's Lam System - Throwin' Money (Good Intent + Yoshi "Bit By Bit" Edit)

I'm throwin' money, that's why they hatin' on me!

Yay, Song of the Day is back! And we're returning from vacation with what might be the greatest song of all time. You may remember almost a year ago in my birthday post I talked about wanting to make music. Or maybe you don't remember that because I never mentioned it since. Well, I also never worked on it. Ah. A disappointment. I was kinda disappointed with myself. I mean, I know you can't do everything, but I really wanted to do this, and I hadn't. I've been really happy with my overall productivity in a variety of projects in the last year, but music had been a failure.

Until now. Now, I don't even have to make music, because someone has made the exact sort of thing I wanted to make. I was listening to Midnight Snacks, and he played a remix by this guy Biju I had never heard of, and I really liked it, and I saw that he was featured on this compilation, which looked pretty good... and then I listened to the first track, and the most likely explanation for what I heard is that there was actually another version of me, another person with the exact same tastes and interests and ambitions, and they were actually making music, and here it was.

This song:
-takes the a capella from this
-and elements of this
-and adds a bit of this
-and a little of this

The attitude behind this seems to be "cutting a thin swath through every cultural barrier with total disregard for every differentiating metric" or "do whatever you want". Although part of the appeal is the "wackiness" on paper of the juxtaposition, the joy of the song goes well beyond the weirdness. It even goes beyond the sensation of "why does this sound so good?", like, you no longer even register that this is absurd just cause it sounds so good. And that in itself is absurd, and wonderful.

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