Friday, February 5, 2016

Song of the Day #267 - Young Thug - For My People (ft. Duke)

I drink on the Act all day, I got a hell of a kidney

We just talked about this mixtape last night but it's probably the only thing I'll be listening to until the new Kanye comes out, so it's song of the day too. The real art came out and it's pretty sweet, plus it seems like Slime Season 3 is still coming too, so everything is good here. We are in the era of miracles, the era of waking dreams. And what about my dreams? My dreams of being the person who has written the most about Young Thug? Well, let's check in on it. Hmmm, it seems like on this blog, I have devoted 26,023 words to the subject of Young Thug. That seems like a lot, but I wouldn't be sure that it's the most in the world. Regardless, it certainly isn't enough. That's like... a medium-size novella about Young Thug. A good start, at best. But the true dream is the process of it becoming true, not just the truth of it... so a good start is exactly what's best!

And this song is absolutely insane why is it not a front page story on every newspaper? How did they discover you could make a beat like this? That brain-piercing ASMRy tapping sound right at the start, how did they do that? This feeling of like... a sound "collection", where there's some "space" between various elements, and each one seems to have an "agenda" or something... it's difficult to explain. It's like watching a little aquarium! I can't really talk about it rationally. It reminds me more of some IDM stuff, like some of Aphex Twin's more poppy tracks, or mum's more lively ones... Like, what the hell? Why is a Young Thug track making me think of that?

He seems almost baffled by it too... the little "who are you?" at the beginning feels like a question asked of the beat... but as the beat fills out on the bottom he quickly establishes a flow of simply outrageous depth and range. Like, how many octaves is he working in? And the shifts between them?? He shifts so dynamically and restlessly that when he goes back to his "typical" mode, it feels like yet another new frontier... the center is obliterated, everything is in suspension with everything else, other crazy thoughts like that. If it all sounds too weird, know that these experimental forays are grounded with Duke's more traditional flow, so solidly powerful, contrasting nicely with Thugger's leaps. Their synergy seems unbounded, making Barter 6's classic "Dome" look more like a warmup. The future is bright.

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