Monday, February 22, 2016

Song of the Day #277 - J Dilla - Nothing Like This

I never felt quite like this...

Okay when I was talking about J Dilla a bit ago, and talking about Kanye, SOMEHOW, SOMEHOW, I forgot about this video, where Kanye talks about J Dilla's music. So of course the best way to remedy this is to talk about another J Dilla classic, and I am more than glad to do so. Dilla himself sings on this one, from a place that only he could reach, about a feeling that maybe only he could know. I've heard very few songs that manage to convey an experience so perfectly, and yet so abstractly... His vocals are fairly basic, but the way they blend into that beat, that sublime beat, that beat that just wraps around you and immerses you deep into warm clear water, it somehow feels overwhelmingly emotional.

This song could be about drugs or love but I choose to believe it's about making music. It's about the feeling he got when he made a beat like this, when it all came together. We can only assume that music must have made him feel this good, because otherwise he could not have been half as dedicated, half as immersed... by making music his everything, he made music that was all you could ask for. But really, it could be about anything... I'm sure each and every one of you out there has something to which these lyrics could apply, something that can bring you to that spacey, fluid, feeling of ecstasy. Like Idk what the heck is going on in the music video I linked but I'm sure it's something to do with this feeling. And Kanye has his own ideas too. That's Dilla.

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