Thursday, May 26, 2016

Song of the Day #310 - Gucci Mane - First Day Out

Summer comin real soon so I need a vert

Aww hell yeah, Gucci Mane is free! Gucci Mane is free!!! I am so happy!!! Okay okay I am slightly disappointed because I'm working on a short story collection about Gucci Mane that I hoped I could finish to coincide with his release, which until today everyone thought was gonna be sometime September, so my plans there were busted but in the best possible way and how could I possibly be upset??? I've been bumping Bricksquad all day, and as I write this it's 10:17pm. Apparently he's all jacked and has abs now or something. Heading straight to the studio, gonna drop a mixtape tomorrow. A god. A god among us.

If not for his work ethic or the dozens of careers he's made or the genre he practically founded or the endless legends surrounding his personal life, he's a god for songs like this. Afaik it was recorded on his first day out from his previous prison sentence. You might wonder if it really matters to you that Gucci is free when his archive of verses is so huge that mixtapes were still coming steady but then you hear his voice on this and it's just... the joy! The joy! The joy and the struggle! We get to see his day: his indulgence, his responsibilities, his challenges, his goals, his plans... his environment, his mentality, his emotional state... The way he arcs around into that determined flow about halfway through, his voice reaching an emotional peak and then transcending into this entirely mode... I really can't explain it... and the Zaytoven beat reaching a point of singular energy at the same time... ahh, it's too much, too much.

And this is just the first day out. This is just one day. It isn't about this verse being exemplary. It's about it being the default Gucci. That's what's godlike. This is just how he raps, all the time. This is the level of feeling he puts into it. And now we are freely cohabiting the same continent. Go outside and smell the air, it is Gucciair. The ground you walk on is the Gucciearth. In love we are all united.

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