Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Song of the Day #320 - Young Thug - Gangster Shit

Did you pray today?


It's my 701st published blog post!! Hooray!! I was gonna do something special for #700 but I couldn't really think of what, and then pseudepigrapha came out and of course I had to look at that, which I think made for a pretty good #700, given how much I liked it. It was approved by matryoshka, even! :D There's been some really awful news lately, things that I'd feel remiss if I didn't acknowledge in some way, but are so far outside the scope of this blog that there's nothing sensible I could possibly say. It feels like the most appropriate thing to do is to continue having fun and listening to Young Thug music.

But there's some good news, too: they showed off the new Zelda today, which looks wonderful, and a few new Pokemon, including Yungoose, a young mongoose, with the absolute best possible name for a young mongoose (If Yungoose don't trust ya etc etc). The Last Guardian finally has a release date, the new Kojima game looks crazy, and Rare's pirates game seems super fun too. Danny Brown signed to Warp and fixed his teeth and dropped one of his craziest songs yet, and I've heard the new Avalanches single with Toro Y Moi is fantastic too (I'm dodging it cause "spoilers"). The new Swans album is out, which is good news insofar as now moments of brutal depression will get an exciting new soundtrack. And my CD copy of pseudepigrapha just came, right as I was writing this! Yay! And the packaging has the "autograph" of Katsuhiko Maeda (aka world's end girlfriend) via him signing the customs slip ahahaha. Yay!

And through all of that, I think the thing we have to do is listen to Young Thug music. This is the stability we need. This new single could be one of our first glimpses at HiTunes, a dark horse AOTY contender in what is adding up to be a very very stacked year. The beat is vast and spacious, giving Thugger lots of space for his voice to roam. The way he keeps the two major components of the hook fairly tight, almost truncated - the quick, internally rhymed "did you pray today?" and the compressed, but punctuated "I can dick you down on some gangster shit" - serves as a really nice contrast to his wild, rambling verses. The somehow "tropical" or "skeletal" samples around 0:12 give the track a real "deep exotic flair". Thugger saying "politics" is a joy. He shouts his veneers for I think the first time, joining the club with Danny, I guess.

Really though it isn't about what's new on this track, but what's the same. We still have Young Thug rapping like he's playing a new Zelda and the whole world has just opened up. And he has all the items unlocked and he has no idea which one he even wants to use first they're so fun. And he speedruns through every dungeon with all sorts of crazy exploits but then really toys with the boss and has fun dodging all its attacks and stuff. That's what Young Thug raps like.

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