Monday, July 11, 2016

Song of the Day #328 - The Americanos - In My Foreign (ft. Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana & Lil Yachty)

It feels like Saturday, everyday

Awww yeah now here is a sick fun summer jam. This is one of those songs that you sorta check out on a whim, just on the strength of the artists involved, and then you end up repeating it all day and uhh possibly every other day with good weather. I hadn't heard of any of the DJs that make up The Americanos, but they've crafted something pretty special here... it's unique enough that I want to check out their other stuff, but solid and professional sounding to not sound out of place on any radio station (protip to all radio stations: play this song a lot). There's the little whistling and "oooh" samples, which give it a catchy vibe so indulgent that it goes beyond "tongue in cheek" and back to sincerely endearing and entertaining. Ditto for the piano chords and snaps and stuff... they make a bid for classicness, and you gotta root for them. But what really holds it together - the sick drums, heavy bass, and awesome rhythmic bursts - are actually super cutting edge technology.

This awesome duality goes for their guest rappers, too - laid back hooks about driving through LA in nice cars is a cornerstone of the genre, but their fresh and unique styles make it feel classic, not cliche. It's a really nice demonstration of how these guys have found comfortable niches for these sorts of situations... French Montana still rocks the "haaaan" but can bring a solid "veteran rapper" verse without a lot of memetic baggage. Ty Dolla $ign's gravelly voice, especially when twinned with his equally expert falsetto, carries both the struggles and victories of his other work, and you really want to celebrate alongside him. I love love love the effects they use on the second part of his verse, too - I really want to see his voice explored in more ways like this! But it's Lil Yachty who steals the show for me once again... a lot of detractors found his auto-tuned chripy melodies abrasive, but look at how well he fits in here! Even in this pretty mainstream banger outing, he delivers his unique appeal, sounding not only acceptable, but essential. Haters better get on the boat lolll.

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