Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Song of the Day #344 - A Silver Mt. Zion - Goodbye Desolate Railroad

Everybody gets a little lost sometimes

Fuck that fuck everything worst end. America elected a braindead TV meme and a supervillain. If you are famous and repeatedly say what people want to hear, even if it isn't grounded in anything remotely approaching fact, even if it lacks inner-sentence consistency, you can become the most powerful person in the world.

Well, sort of. A lot of people overestimate the power of the presidency. I don't think most of the hysterical "policies" that got him elected will ever come to pass, either because they're flagrantly unconstitutional or nightmarishly unfeasible. There will never be a mass deportation or a wall. Cheap Chinese goods are not going to be Made in USA. We might even be okay for things like the return of stop and frisk. Of course last night I would have said there would never be a Trump presidency so

The real dangers imo are:
-Anything to do with military action
-Mike Pence being evil and possibly actually smart
-Propagation of a culture of intolerance and selfishness and outright hate throughout America, especially towards minorities and women (this is the big one, but tbh it was gonna happen to some extent whether or not he won - the damage was done as soon as he was legitimized on television)
-Global economic crisis due to lack of confidence in America

These are very real dangers. I feel incredibly awful thinking about my friends in America. My dad texted me "may you live in interesting times", but it's beyond that - these are outright dangerous times for some people.

I also feel really awful about the fact that I was just so wrong, that the faith I had in the average American citizen was so ruthlessly betrayed. I would have bet money on a Clinton landslide victory. I thought the Trump presence was just a very vocal very small minority. But it turns out that many people, way more people than I ever would have thought, lack the barest shred of empathy, or understanding of economics, or ability to follow basic causality. Any one of these things undermines every opinion put forth by the Trump campaign. Fuck those people, I hate them, I hope they live to regret this. Unfortunately most of the old fuckers that voted for another ancient meme with no understanding of the modern world won't live with the consequences. And probably Trump will die too and we'll be stuck with Pence and his electroshock for homosexuals and dicksucking of the tobacco industry.

And I hate /pol/, I have always hated /pol/, I hated it when it was /news/ and /n/ and all the other incarnations of containment for people who, unlike all us other losers on 4chan, blame everyone but themselves for their not getting the millions of dollars and supermodel girlfriends they feel they deserve. For their not being the crude caricature of a rich person that they just elected. The one solace I took in this overlong overdone godawful election cycle was looking forward to seeing /pol/tard tears when Cheetoman lost but now I don't even have that. They are singing and dancing because they are too stupid to realize that they have fucked themselves and their entire economic class as hard as they possibly could.

I am so upset. I don't like hating people. I don't like writing off almost 60 million people as "at best, idiots". I might just be done with American politics. I've followed every election pretty closely since the 2000 one, when I was 9, but this is the first time I have felt so utterly defeated and abandoned. There is absolutely no excuse or forgiveness possible here.

This sucks and I don't know what to do. I've felt bleak before, sure, but that was because of myself, or of a small group of people, or something... to lose faith in such a large amount of people in such a short amount of time is a new type of devastation. Not necessarily the worst type but a new type and I don't know how to handle it.

School and personal writing and socializing all seem so pointless rn. I don't want to talk to anyone about this. There is nothing anyone can say. Even this post is stupid and pointless. Unsure what media to escape to. Anime is too fragile. Thinking about the disregard every single Trump voter would have for, say, the love of Kumiko and Reina, is so disgusting that it taints every sensory input. Cheerful music seems fake. I don't know what the fuck Chance could be rapping about anymore. I think bleak music might be our best bet. Either that or watching an entire season of 30 Rock.

Here's an ASMZ banger that might be about our witnessing the end of the American hegemony. But there's something kinda hopeful at the end. We got a little lost (well, a lot lost), but everybody does, sometimes. It's only four years. And after that we must only remember the prophetic fact.

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