These are other major blog posts and things that don't fit into other categories.

Unlimited Tactics - A TRPG I was making with a friend (rip?)

2011 in Books - Little reviews of every book I read in 2011 (I was too lazy to do this any other year)

2011 in Manga
2012 in Manga
2013 in Manga
2014 in Manga
2015 in Manga
Writing about how much each series impressed me in that year

Live Review - Starbursts - "Very Berry" flavor - What can I possibly say

Some stuff about Armada
Active Defending in Competitive Play
Mango vs Armada Grand Finals
Genesis 2
My Top 25 Smash Bros stages
Old posts about Smash Bros

Something about Comedy
Something about Das Racist and hipsters
Something about Pisscore
These are very old and I don't know if I still agree with them

Playlist Report 1
Playlist Report 2
Playlist Report 3
Sorta a precursor to Song of the Day

Celebrating 1000 blog views
Celebrating turning 20 - Part two
Celebrating being 7500 days old
Celebrating turning 21
Celebrating being 7777 days old
Celebrating 10000 blog views
Celebrating being 8000 days old
Celebrating turning 22
Celebrating turning 23
Celebrating 300 blog posts
Celebrating turning 24
Celebrating 500 blog posts
Various milestones and such

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