Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Japan: Day Six

Wandered off on my own today. Wasn't too concerned about getting lost or anything. Ended up in the sort of nice residental sort of area I really wanted to see, with lots of old houses and family-owned shops and what have you. This is the sort of place I love wandering around in in Canada, and I think it's even better here, what with the frequent vending machines (necessary, it is pretty hot out these days) and much more diversity in houses and interwoven trains and such. I took a decent number of pictures, sometime soon I'll upload them and give some sort of photo tour. I'm torn between waiting until the pictures are like novel to me again, i.e. less tedious and more nostalgic if I wait more than a few days or doing it more frequently and being able to remember more about what was happening and such.

Uh what else, went into some shops, really cool stuff. Thought "I really ought to learn to read Japanese" many many times, like when looking at a bundle of Tekuza manga for like $10. Wandered around Denden town for a bit, went to maybe three big stores before I got totally overwhelmed. It's absolutely crazy. I went to a computer store that had the best selection of anything to do with computers I could ever think of. It was 8 floors of parts, monitors, laptops, cases, premade systems, this absolutely crazy floor that's just dense with software and how-to books on the software. And then down the street they have the same type of stores for books, DVDs, anime, models, audio, everything you can think of. The aforementioned audio store had some Sennheiser HD800s out on display too, which I'd never seen before. They were priced very poorly but I tried 'em anyways. But yeah, Denden town is overwhelming. I think my only chance is to make frequent but short trips where I buy like only one thing. I think there'll be a scary tipping point where I switch from "there's so much stuff! I have no idea what I want!!" to "there's so much stuff! I'd better buy everything!!" so I gotta watch out for that. Today all I got was volume 61 of One Piece.

For food, I had a lot of snacky stuff while I was out. One notable thing I ate was this really tasty treat that was like, ice cream cone material made into a chocolate bar shape with the pockets filled with vanilla ice cream, red bean paste and strawberry thing. Great stuff. For dinner we ate some tasty pasta.

I dunno, I feel like it'd be better to just upload pictures and then go through and explain them to like, motivate what I was seeing, but I don't really feel like doing that at the moment. It seemed to get late really quick and I'm mad tired now. This sort of routine is wonderful, though, to just explore around and such. Tomorrow morning I'll try to get some pictures up and such.


Anne said...

I'm really enjoying reading about your observations and impressions. Have you bought anything from a vending machine yet?

Keatsta said...

Just drinks and a few little capsule toys.