Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Japan: Day Five

Today we went to Nara, to see the deer and the temples and what have you. Since today was a holiday, they had a real festival type thing going on, which was cool, like something out of my Japanese animes. I didn't see the goldfish catching game but pretty much everything else they had. The deer were really remarkable too. I could tell you stuff about how close they got or how they had that weird animal friendly/aggressive duality or how one was eating in its sleep but it really seems unbelievable. Like, I wouldn't have believed it hadn't I seen it. Same with just how big the Buddha statue actually was. It was really big. With all of these impressive claims made, I must admit that I didn't really take all that many pictures. It just seemed strange to, what with the levels of sacredness and what have you. I dunno prolly will feel like explaining this better later.

Afterwards we went and had lunch at a good Vietnamese place. And then we had a long-needed afternoon of rest! Dinner was at a similar place to the place we went on the first night and was also excellent.

Sorry these have been getting shorter. I think my schedule will be less busy from now on so hopefully I can write down more of what I think. Plus there's no way I'm going home until the next election at the earliest.

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