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Live Review - Attack on Titan 50 - Cry

Titans! etc.
Overall I've really enjoyed this series, but lately a lot of the plot twists are feeling kinda... eh. I'm still really curious about the major mysteries of the series but there's been a bit of bullshit to chew through first. So right now... Ymir and the two titan bro guys are trying to take Eren back to their village. Mikasa rescues him but then... it's the titan that killed his mother! Which... isn't really that big a deal I mean c'mon any titan could have killed her just as easily. Anyways let's see what's gonna happen...

Attack on Titan 50 - Cry
Scans by mangastream

Magazine cover
Sasha x potato OTP.

Starting with a flashback, sure sure. Make us really miss his mom I guess. I like Mikasa's face in the second panel.

Ugh, brutal transition. They really do a good job of making you detest the titans, I think.

Wuh oh, what are they gonna do? I dunno.

Ah, it's this guy! What's his name again? Uhh he's cool though.

"Something like this"? Like what? I dunno?

Hannes remembers this one too. I dunno why Eren's screaming at him, I think he has the right idea.

Ugh... "I have to do it! I have to finish it!" c'mon Eren, settle down...

And what's his face there, the armored titan, is still chucking titans at them, lol.

Can Reiner even hear Armin from there? I guess so.

Ymir da oogly titan going after Commander-san. Jesus... everyone needs to settle down.

Oof. Gross. Eating the head. Kinda an awkward position for your girlfriend to see you in...

Hmmm... "that side"... what does this refer to? A big theory is that there's a fourth wall, and beyond that no titans... I kinda like that one. And oh man the OTP coming together again. Looks like Christa/Historia is done with the city for good.

"Am I getting protected again?" Yes. You should probably just assume that at all times.

Haha oh man. Such OTP. So mysterious.

Human + titan combo seems pretty potent... I don't really understand what their plan is atm though... like, Reiner might be screwed, I dunno, but it's not like he was targeting them specifically from the start...

Oh Jesus... Damn titan... It never fails that I get a little angry at the stupid faces of the "npc" titans. That's well done.

lol I like the look of the titan on the top left of Reiner, she looks like a middle aged white woman. "Woowwww, lookit the viewwwww".

Ughhh Jesus. The one that killed Eren's mom is pretty tough, eh? Damn...

And Eren still can't transform! Doesn't have the energy to fix his little chicken wing arms... :(

Oh man his guts right out there in the open, I don't need to see that... Mikasa doesn't seem too happy either.

Oh wait no his arms are okay. Mikasa why you smiling?

That's a pretty good shot. Wow. They are completely screwwwwed, aren't they?

Is this... THE CONFESSION? Lol no. is MIKASA GONNA TURN TITAN? Nope. Uhhh... I don't know what she's gonna tell him.

Uhh, pretty close to a confession though lol. I guess Mikasa figures they're all dead. This is a pretty well done scene. Now Aren's gonna be able to transform prolly, via power of friend. But... they're still pretty screwed?

This is pretty brutal wow.

Oh my god is she actually going for da kissu??? Lol but Eren's gonna transform so uhh don't wanna be kissing that.

Aww, isn't that nice. Okay yeah go fight.

Boom... badass.

Ummm... that's a stupid idea. That's not gonna work. You aren't a titan... Eren do you realize that?

Hmm? All the other titans did a spark thing... was that just them hearing Eren scream or uhh... What?

Uhh, who is that titan? What is that titan? Is Eren like... remote controlling it?

Ummm... okay. Eren has like like, titan-mode "gills" but he isn't titan-mode... what is happening here?

Uhhh... Okay so... does he have the same titan-commanding ability that Reiner seems to have sometimes? Like when they first attacked the wall he like, led the "army" or whatever...

Wow brutal. Eren this is a far cry from "I have to be the one to finish it" lol. Now a gang of titans are doing it. Well, whatever.

Ymir seems to know something about this... Reiner's now free of all those titans slowing him down, though.

The "coordinate"... I guess that's the titan-controlling thing. Alright...

Lol so yeah he's like, full-on the titan king now. Can just a-move them everywhere. Oookay.

Hie! Aw, poor Bertholdt.

Whew alright looks like they're getting away. What's Ymir looking at?

What?? No way... Ymir you better not going back with those assholes! Don't abandon Historia like that!!

Also petting her in titan form isn't probably all that romantic. I guess she figures Historia will be safe in the walls now... lol no way they're gonna interrogate her like crazy re: the walls.

C'mon Ymir... just go hang out with Historia... and make the rest of the series just about you two.

rip in peace Hannes-san.

Well OKAY then
I'm not sure if I like the idea of Eren not only being a titan, but being like, KING OF ALL TITANKIND... that just seems a bit silly. I'm sure they can come up with a satisfying explanation, though. Aside from that, this was all just the sort of general scenes of despair that we've come to expect from the series... Not really that many revelations... where's Monkey Trouble??


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