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Live Review - One Piece 724 - Law's Strategy

The most fun time of the week is here at least!
Last time, we saw Sanji do probably the most badass thing he's done since the timeskip. Will he make good and allow Law and the Sunny to escape? Will Doflamingo use his strings to make him attack the crew? What's going on in Block D? What'll happen with the dwarf army's attack? Ahahaha I'm so excited!

Weekly Jump cover
Aha, I like this, I always like the crew dressed up in fancy stuff. I really like Nami's Monroe thing but Robin's a bit too lewd for her I think. How the hell does Franky wear a suit? Is that like spandex just stretched over him? And what is Chopper doing? Uh whatever. I really like the art deco-ey logo too.

Colour spread
I like that he's still going back to fishman island for color spreads... it's such a colouful and gorgeous place. It's the ol' Straw Hats partying scene again, this time at the mermaid cafe, which seems more like a club than a cafe to me. I like that he included Jimbei... I love the multi-armed bartender... special shoutout to Franky's pink tanktop.

Ooh Sanji can ignite both of his legs on the fly like that. Doflamingo knows who he is too, lol, that's pretty rare. Congrats Sanji. Uh oh! Watch out for the strings! Given how easily he sliced up Oars Jr, Sanji's gotta be pretty careful here...

Yup... damn. Now like... obviously it didn't slice right through Sanji... but why not? Given that he sliced through megagiant Oars Jr's leg pretty easily, it seems... How does a string attack like that cut without cutting all the way through anyways? Uhhh oh well. "Go away! No bully!!"

Sanji with a gatling-like attack... generally I prefer Sanji to fight only with close range stuff, I don't like idea of the whole crew primarily fighting with air-blast type attacks... granted I also don't like midair fights too often either. Dofla blocks with his coat, is that more than just fabulous fashion? The theme of Dofla not underestimating or downplaying the Straw Hats continues...

Oooh shit yup... the true power of the string-string fruit, or whatever it is. Binding strings! I like the dynamic of Jola being a fanboy for Dofla on the Sunny. That last panel is legit terrifying.

A super thick string! This is a new one. Okay so this is all awesome and badass and stuff, but why didn't Dofla just dice him up into little bits right away? I just can't get over that... Oh well. Badass. That's good enough. Speaking of which Law's little trick here is SO COOL. Remember when Naruto was about stuff like that??

LOL what a clever ruse! Law's fruit is just absolutely insane.

Wow holy crap. Sanji was gonna get wrecked. Okay maybe that's what he used to cut up Oars.

"That was my mistake"? Wait, what part? Letting Dofla see the ship? Also, what does Law swap with on the Sunny? The bit with Caesar and Jola is pretty funny. They aren't out of the water yet, though. How are they gonna stop Dofla from just chasing them down?

Oh wait yeah the Samurai is in the factory... I think I had forgotten that. Why did Law give Caesar his heart back? Anyways... are they gonna head for Zou? I kinda hope so 'cause I want to see the rest of the Heart Pirates again. But there's also still a whole lot to resolve on Dressrosa... plus, I'd think Dofla can keep up with the boat, can't he?

Nami's against it. I think there's probably more practical reasons to stay than she mentioned, but whatever... And yeah, what are the marines on the island up to?

Wow holy shit! Is this Fujitora's ability? Yeah, the Sunny group seems pretty screwed at the moment... Never mind not handing over Caesar, they're just gonna get massacred.

Oh cool! It's umm... Vice Admiral Doberman! He's pretty cool. Badass, no guff sorta thing. Aerial battleship bombardment! And Fujitora's meteors! Jesus!! It's really all up to Law here, if they don't warp this stuff around properly there's no other way to deal.

"Spiralhat crew"... hmmm don't really get this joke? I'll look at other translations. I guess they're just panicking. Sanji has a good point but probably not the best time to bring it up lol. And bam redirect that is pretty badass, they should have seen this coming lol.

Oh wait no it's not Doberman, it was just Fujitora from another angle. I thought he had the curly mustache there in the last shot. Eating lol. And beating a tactical retreat. Didn't realize Law was there. I really like Fujitora. I want to see a lot more of him. And aaaaa the whip is back and bigger than before! Direct hit! How are they gonna deal??

Ahh, so that's how they'll escape... Dofla needs the clouds to Spiderman off of. This was hinted at before when he was going to Punk Hazard, I remember now. We finally get Dofla's fruit! Ito ito... I assume that's some string-related sound effect or something... Law doing all the heavy lifting again, Sanji... not doing much... and now it seems like the arc is splintering again. Probably not gonna see much of these guys until Dressrosa's done. So Sanji ends up neglected again! Dang. Still, this is quite an interesting situation.

Oh okay Law warped over to the bridge with Jola. That makes it a bit less interesting. Dofla plans on using the remaining ones as hostages, but good luck lol. You said you wouldn't underestimate them! But the Alliance is ending?? Huh??? Or is this a trick or something? Is Sanji on the phone with Law?

Oh god! Law is planning on fighting to the death!! This is crazy! What happened 13 years ago? We need an extensive flashback, stat! So many mysteries in the past! Law's not gonna die, though... Nah, nah. This is gonna be crazy, though. Oh boy oh boy!

Another crazy chapter!
Sanji sort of underwhelmed... Everything else was non-stop hype, though! So many plot developments and fast information and intriguing mysteries! I'm happy to see a chapter focused (all but a few well-placed panels of the other Straw Hats) on one plot thread, really felt intense. Doflamingo is getting more and more interesting, and every time I think Law can't get any more badass I'm wrong. So many directions this can go! I'm hoping... Law's flashback! Tying together the story of Dressrosa, Doflamingo, Vergo, the dwarfs and the samurai! I neeeeed it.


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