Friday, October 11, 2013

Live Review - Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 85 - Criminal

Who is the culprit?!
Now that the (totally awesome and crazy) Kijurou has been freed, it's time to find out the truth of his abduction! The rescue arc is finally coming to an end!

Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 85 - Criminal
Scans by Hox

I guess that's true, he could just move on... but that probably wouldn't be wise given... they kidnapped you, man!

Who is it!?!??! One of the family!? Some people on batoto suspected that it was Sawako. This is a pretty compelling theory: Sawako seemed a little too air-headed, especially when it would be detrimental to the rescue operation. Everyone else in the family is really smart, too... Plus, she probably wanted to support her family, 'cause it seemed like it was Takamitsu that was going to get the company etc. Hmmm... Hmmm...

Yeahhh I dunno if I'm buying this, Sawako... That shot of her eyes... crafty...

LOL Okajima ganging up on Takamitsu too. I don't think it was him either, though...

WOAH! Nope. Correct! Takamitsu did it??? There's something more going on here...

Wait, WHAT sort of losses? Gambling?? In a Fukumoto manga??? This is outRAGEOUS.

Hmmm... So he did embezzle, but didn't kidnap? Seems plausible... I'm still suspecting Sawako...

The only possibility? I dunno man... Criminal mastermind Sawako's standing right there!!

The distinctive mark of his schemes... Hmm.. seems okay but... something more must be going on.

Aha, Kijurou was sounding out the criminal the whole time. As expected of the old man!

Hmmm... multiple layers here... I dunno Kijurou, maybe the criminal just picked one at random?

Always the same level of compromise from the actual known favorite! Interesting... but condemning? With Sawako the queen of the underworld around??

Haha yeah... the criminal would have gotten it right by accident a few times if he was just choosing randomly. I mean, she. Because it's Sawako.

Hmm, only Takamitsu knows both... that's unlucky.

Haha, seems a little insulting to Sawako and Okajima, lol. But there's something more... 'cause so far this is kinda just speculation.

Oh, he was bringing him books too... that's good. I was wondering what he was doing to stay busy down there, lol.

Ahh, so he tried to just get whatever books looked okay, thinking it couldn't possibly reflect a taste only he would know, but he accidentally did just that... Takamitsu's not looking too good!

Aw, this is kinda sad... The shot of Takamitsu eagerly buying books, and remembering the times they had talked about this stuff... this is kinda heartbreaking.

Awwww... This is a pretty sad plot, now that I think about it. Having to kidnap your own father to cover losses... Kijurou's crying too...

Yup, when they pull that face, it's all over. DX

So was it Takamitsu???
Seems like it... unless this is a VERY CLEVER ploy by Sawako... who then reveals that she knew her father as well as Takamitsu did all along, or something... that could be very heartbreaking too. So what happens now, though? Takamitsu gets arrested? What's in Zero's envelope?? Anyways this was an interesting, moving and briskly paced chapter. gg fukumoto.


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