Friday, October 11, 2013

Live Review - Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 86 - Anxiety

Takamitsu accused!
And pretty well, too! So, what'll happen next? Arrests? A confession? More accusation? Zero steps in with unforeseen information?

Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 86 - Anxiety
Scans by Hox

Ahh, the classic Fukomoto despair face... it's all over when you make that face. But he's still denying it! Hmm...

Okajima makes a good point, but I bet Kijurou will reveal that he never felt anxious, not once...

Yeah, Kijurou must have known right away that it was someone close to him that could have done this, and felt confident that they wouldn't do that... still a huge jerk move, though, the confinement...

Will you please... call the police? Overlook this? I have no idea. Kijurou still seems pretty OK with everything that happened to him...

Forgive him! Even further than overlooking! Poor Takamitsu... wait no damn you Takamitsu! That was still a mean thing to do!

Ah, like back in the swamp... aww... so nostalgic. The reason you were in there was 'cause of Takamitsu too though lol. This whole scene reminds me of when Squard stabbed Whitebeard and then Whitebeard hugged him... that was awesome.

Nice little flashback here... Sure sure.

Despair in the past and present. How moving... Kijurou's compassion...

And there's the confession! It's fine, Kijurou says. Wow. The compassion!

Just like the treasure swamp, even though it was Takamitsu's fault that he was in there, it was also thanks to Takamitsu that he survived... ahh... interesting.

That was a weird cut... uhh... I feel like a page is missing or something. Anyways Zero had figured it out, AS EXPECTED. Sorta impolite for them to be spying on the family like this lol.

True, that was suspect... and wait was Takamitsu the one that shouted "everybody get down!" because he didn't want anyone getting hurt? Nice of him...

Oh wait no yeah Zero yelled that... but Takamitsu climbed off of the floor. I didn't notice that. Good eyes, Zero. Oh yeah yeah he slid down later and bonked his head on Suezaki lol. I bet Suezaki will mention that lol.

Zero noticed he faked his fall to look innocent. Takamitsu's eagerness to appear innocent always leads to his downfall! Lol Junko just falls flat on her face.

Yup, too eager to deflect potential suspicions. Good job Zero.

Lol yeah flashback to Suezaki getting bonked. Silly Suezaki. And yeah the family will be fine... weren't you just all spying on them? Can't you see that?

Awww hell yeah. I love that old man!! Tatsuki seems understandably upset.

Wow. I love this. I love when they address the stress of being the criminal. This is great.

Aww... Poor Takamitsu... you went WAY too far...

Ahh, Okajima. And yeah Zero and co are just hiding behind a tree! Obvious! I guess he wanted to be able to step in if things got rough, but... he should have known it'd be okay.

Uhh... yeah, these pages are out of order. Lol. I'm guessing this one goes at 11. Seems to be the only issue.

The rescue arc is at the conclusion!
We know who did it! We know why! We know their punishment (nothing)! But what's in Zero's envelope? What comes next?? This chapter was pretty great, lots of really good moving scenes and some detective work too. I love the scenes where Kijurou tells Okajima to forgive Takamitsu... so moving, classic Fukumoto.


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