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Live Review - Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 88 - Fate

The final chapter of part 2!
What a strange time we've had! Only three major arcs: the golf game, the poker game, and this crazy rescue saga. The rescue saga had lots of sections and riddles and stuff, but there was really only two actual gambles! What the??? It seems like part 3 is gonna be about the gamble of a lifetime, though, so that's good. I mean variety is nice but I never get tired of Fukumoto gambles. It's what I'm here for.

Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 88 - Fate
Scans by Hox


This cover-dealie really gives me hope that part 3 will be Zero, Suezaki and Kijurou. That'd be an awesome team. Kijurou can have moments of wisdom and wackiness. Suezaki can suggest the obvious moves and be told how he's wrong. I like Junko alright but a team like this is really my favorite.

Haha this is pretty silly but Suezaki also totally decked Zero, that's over the line dude. I guess he at one point was gonna kill Zero and all his friends... lol whatever.

Wow this guy can rationalize everything. Did it make him rethink things? Did it make "everyday" pleasures like Hawaii feel fresh and new? Because it let him meet Zero?


Oooh, the company can survive without him... so he's free to go to an offshore gambling championship!!! Please??

Ah, another classic Fukumoto rags to riches story. How inspirational!

This is a nice little series of flashbacks, very heartwarming. I really admire how much Kijurou likes reflecting on how he got to where he was.

Ahh, his wife, the mother. I wondered what had happened with that.

Oooh... who is this? The old man from part one?

Haha yup, that old asshole Zaizen. Shoulda figured he and Kijurou knew each other. He probably planned on making some sort of power play for his company while he was missing... sure taking his sweet time to do it... but now he's gonna get power played on... in gambling... by Zero.

Haha yeah of course they had this sort of history lol. There's a good dynamic here. I really hope Kijurou comes along for the next part. Really seems like he will.

I like how you can see Zaizen's jowls developing as a kid, lol. Man I really like Kijurou. And I love to hate Zaizen. What great characters.

I like how he's richer than Kijurou, so Kijurou/Zero will be the underdogs when they battle. What did he beat me in? Friends? Family? GAMBLING???

Hahaha didn't see that coming! Mitsu sounds awesome too. She looks cute lol.

[jowls intensifies] Aww poor Zaizen is crying. Maybe you shouldn't be so murderous and crazy...

LOL, yes, there are some things wrong with this story.

Aw damn, not only does he hate Kijurou for having uhhh... already married Mitsu when he confessed... he blames him for her death! Wow! Some real bad blood here. Gonna be an intense showdown... Hey, has he seen that Zero's with Kijurou yet? That'll get him going, too...

Man this underling is shady. Assassination? No, Zaizen's gonna want to bankrupt him. In GAMBLING!

Yessssss, yesssssssss. Prepare the mahjong tiles! The only way to crush anyone in the Fukumotoverse!

Declaration of war! Gambling war! And lol Suezaki. Who is that in the wheelchair?


Woah woah woah, is that the kid? The hair looks right... and the medical mask (?) makes sense with his personality... Is he in a wheelchair from Zaizen's retarded car crash roulette?

Yeah, yeah, it's gotta be... who else could it be? Oh man I'm hyped. What's this kid's name again? Something with an S in it I think...

Shirube! Is that the end of volume 10? I think so! BOOM! So now he'll ask Shirube to get invited to the GAMBLE OF A LIFETIME! I'm so excited.

So that's the end of part 2!

I sort of expected more of a drawn out conclusion to the rescue arc, Kijurou explaining why he chose all his riddles (I guess this was mostly explained at the time), some definitive resolution between Zero and Tatsuki (maybe this is still to come?)... But I'm kinda okay 'cause that arc was sorta running overtime anyways. This chapter was mostly just hyping up part 3... and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Zaizen and Shirube vs. Zero and Kijurou (and Suezaki) in, I dunno, any insane gamble... it'd be awesome.


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