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Live Review - Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 87 - Reward

What's in Zero's envelope?
It's something Kijurou didn't want other people to see him give Zero, it's something Zero was hesitant to accept, something that Zero recognized immediately (whether this is because of the shape seen through the envelope or maybe he sneaked a peek, I dunno), and it's probably something extremely valuable given how generous and rewarding Kijurou is... I have no idea. My best guess is that it's an invitation to whatever gambles the kid and old guy of part 1 have been going to, but that's more a wishful thinking meta-guess. Doesn't make too much sense actually... well, I guess we'll see.

Gambling Emperor Zero Part 2 87 - Reward
Scans by Hox

It's rare for Fukumoto to have a non-diegetic scene cover. I like it, though, very silly and fun. At least I assume it's non-diegetic...


HAHAHA never mind they actually went to Hawaii. Now that's what I call a cold opener haha but it's hot you see the pun um. Okay so they're on vacation! What could Suezaki's beef be? He's all about hedonistic luxury, isn't he?

Haha of course, he's worried about the money. Classic Suezaki stuff. But Zero knows, he's already got the true reward...


Hmmm... so the bill was a "misprint"... he misprinted the numbers, right? What did the numbers end up signifying? I don't remember... but maybe the "misprint" now refers to a new location through the same signification? And Zero knows that + whatever else was in the envelope allows for the true reward? Well...

Hmm... still need some more clarification from Kijurou. I get the feeling Zero's still uncomfortable about accepting... whatever it is. Lol good point Junko.


Haha, I like the dynamic between Junko and Suezaki... retarded bee keeper lol ok.


I really like that panel at the top there. I like Kijurou as a character a whole lot too. Nice to mix up the standard "old guy in charge is a malevolent psychopath" like most Fukumoto bosses.

Ah, so this was the guy tricked into helping... you think he'd show up as soon as Kijurou disappeared and say that he'd been paid to leave money in a mysterious underground room for roughly the same length of time... Whatever.

That makes sense, seemed like the opening floor thing would get tedious to deal with every day. Funny that Zero didn't ever try tipping over that statue... uhh well whatever. Also lol just hanging out with your captors on the beach...

Ah... so he actually thought there'd be a treasure room... there's no treasure... except for the room he's secretly informed Zero of?

Interesting... is there actually a second treasure room? That's my bet... but yeah I figured he was just trying to distract people from the room he knew of, but he actually hoped for a second room too lol.


ARGH what's in there??? What's in there??????


Hey hey maybe Zero should calm him down by telling him... and us... what's really going on? What's in the envelope???

Oooh hype! The gamble of a lifetime!! Maybe Kijurou gave him some position at the company or something? And instead Zero wants money to gamble with? No idea.

WOW YES. Do it Kijurou! Let the boy gamble!!

WOW! BOOM! So badass! You can do it Zero!... Whatever it is...


Lol... is Suezaki realizing that he doesn't really get anything out of this deal? Where's Zero going? Gonna swim to an oil rig and start gambling!!


Settle down, Suezaki. Zero's got this under control. No way Kijurou won't do it but HEY WHAT WAS IN THE ENVELOPE ANYWAYS?

a BILLION yen? Damn. Zero's gonna say something like "well I got much much more than that" or something.

Ah!!! What was it??? Something that's more than a billion yen! What could it possibly be?

Haha oh obviously... I thought it'd be a little more crazy than that. I like that, though, with the code and stuff. The GOD ATM card!

Oh, a billion, so Suezaki was right on. Except probably it's in some godly interest account too. Neat. Suezaki's face on the bottom is hilarious, he just realized Zero gave it back.

Hahaha... Zero needs way more than that though for the gamble of a lifetime. Suezaki's so mad lol.

Fun in sunny Hawaii!
I wouldn't have predicted this development in the eleventh hour. We're getting back on the main plot line, though! The gamble of a lifetime! I'm sure excited. Aside from that, this chapter had a lot of funny scenes and a few things explained further about the kidnapping. All good.


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