Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Song of the Day #44 - Exit Tunes - Acid=Stone Valley feat. MAKI


To celebrate here is a fun happy song about my love story with Nintendo.

Nintendo made a game I liked in 2001. It was called Melee.

I liked Melee so much that I tried to get really good at it. I tried to get high scores in single player games. I went to places to play in tournaments. I made a lot of my best friends today through Melee.

Then in like 2008 they made another game, called Brawl.

That game was like... okay.

I didn't like it as much because they deliberately tried to make people like me not be able to play it the way I wanted to.

Why did they do that? Why did they forsake me? Why did Sakurai hate me?

But today I saw Sakurai surrounded by people I knew. People like me.

And yeah, it was totally stupid that Sudden Death was played out.

And FFAs aren't really at all indicative of anything.

But it was basically right.

The game is like... uhh... I dunno. Most of the news I've been seeing mechanics-wise has been bad. Actually all of the news has been bad. But there's still time to shore up some stuff like that.

I dunno. I personally don't care if it's good competitively or not. Like, I don't plan on getting good at it. It'd be nice if it was good and popular but I know at least it will be popular, and that will just make Melee more popular too, so that's cool.

It also just looks fun as hell and I can't wait to try it.

But whatever... I watched Love Live today too and I got thinking about my favorite "idolcore" or whatever, this might be it, idk.

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