Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Song of the Day #52 - 18+ - Crow (ft. C Powers)

Unbroken crow

A friend of mine showed me these guys awhile ago and I thought they were alright. He messaged me today and mentioned he was listening to them and suddenly something clicked or whatever and then I ended up listening to them like all day. What cool music, holy shit. It almost reminds me of pisscore, in a lot of ways... there's that same sort of feeling of bizarre juxtaposition without drawing attention to it, there's the same weird paradox where everything sounds super professional and perfect and yet also seems really casual and effortless. The content itself is totally different, though. I love these super smooth vocals, especially the girl... kinda reminds me of Kilo Kish, same super ambivalent, almost disinterested, and yet solid flow. But yeah I think my favorite thing about them is the sense of like "anything could happen" that I also get in pisscore. Here they sample a crow, it's so simple and obvious. It's really great.

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