Sunday, November 2, 2014

Song of the Day #83 - Rich Gang - Freestyle

All she know is ayy-ayyyyyyyy

This is a staggering level of flow. I like to go look at the lyrics and rap along. It isn't really hard, but there's a really addictive level of kinetics to it. It's like doing combos on computers in Melee. Or it's like  The verse at 2:45 is way too fun, like, doesn't this make rapping look like the most fun job ever? And the beat... something about that minimal intensity, it reminds me of this video, and I know I can't explain that. Oh and when they do a vocoder double on some lines and it's like, more active in the melody, and harmonious? This is breaking into a whole new genre, and it will be the only genre I want to listen to.

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