Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Song of the Day #85 - Death from Above 1979 - The Physical World

Maybe we've been too free too long!

So I listened to this album, I was pretty happy with it overall. I dunno though I couldn't expect to have the same experience as I did when I first heard their previous album, I was very different person then. But this track! Woah!! I think this track is the only one that really captures the thing I like best about DFA, this sort of like... energy that transcends articulation, and manifests itself as something wholly original. Like that sound at the start of "Romantic Rights", probably their most iconic sound. It's even more present on Heads Up!, which I really think is their best release... the bombing robotic stutter on "Do It!", the crazy breakdown at the end of "Losing Friends", the transcendent... indescribable thing at the end of "If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It".

And here, on the opening synthy stuff, and then the way everything collides with a sort of metallic sheen around 2:26, all lurching forward with the same energy... "Sun burn every thing, I can't lie...". And then the solo!!! Holy crap, the ending is SO GOOD. I love any album where the last part of the last song is like, a completely new element, and it ends up being my favorite part of the whole album. JESUS, WOW. It's so good that after I listened to the album for the first time I just replayed this track over and over like 20 times. And then I was taking a bus later to London and I played it over and over again for the whole 1.5 hour ride. And I think DFA was on the same bus as me but maybe I'm just crazy. Whatever.

OKAY gonna edit this because I don't think I described just how good the ending is. It's the fact that... first off, you're completely satisfied with the song already. Already it's amazing, already it feels like the definitive track on the album, already the electronic influences bring back some of the coolest parts of DFA's history, all that good stuff. And then the solo kicks in, and it's like, wow, okay, this is awesome, this is so emotional, so powerful, and then the DRUMS come in, and then when it switches to the piano version, it's like... this feeling of like "of course, that makes sense", but it has this sort of haunting tape-scratchy aesthetic that you realize is really beyond anything you could have imagined, and then that noise at the end? omg, that noise at the end, every single time i hear it, it's like... okay, one more time, I gotta repeat the track. It's one of those where you don't want to set it to "repeat one", you want to have the satisfaction of choosing to listen to it again after it ends, each and every time, even after like 50 plus times.

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