Saturday, November 15, 2014

Song of the Day #89 - Aikatsu! - Signalize

Idle Activities

Okay now a mixup: this song has a very clear emotional goal and emotional origin. And wow does it ever work... I think if there's a mystery here, it's in trying to figure out how this song is so effective. Something about the opening... like... the choral bells, those first beats... it reminds me of Super Monkey Ball music sorta. And then the opening lines, something about the sort of melancholy bend on "Hi signalize", there's a genuine feeling of longing, the longing to be an idol. It's so resonant in me, as soon as I hear it. And then by the time it gets into the more upbeat parts, you get this sense of like... becoming an idol yourself, of these dreams becoming true. Wow, what a great show! So over the top and silly but full of genuine moments of wholesomeness and S-class friendship.

Here I'll quote the most recent Youtube comment on this video, from Tinkeroftime Little Seed:
"Happiness starts either from the sound of silence or from the beginning of erupting harmony. In this case, it's when the song starts do I enter another world of joy, fluttering happiness, and a sense of adventure. I am happy I started watching Aikatsu! It's like one of the few animes where I actually want to sit through the beginning osts >D<"

DID YOU NOTICE THE " >D< "??? I asked her on her tumblr about it. We'll solve this mystery yet!!

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