Friday, November 14, 2014

Song of the Day #88 - Aphex Twin - minipops 67

Mysterious emotions~!!

Okay so like... yesterday we were talking about the mysterious song YAOI TTE NANI? But what is the feeling behind it? Is it the feeling from the original clip? What is the feeling in the original clip? Is there a feeling in the piano? It feels very emotional, but what emotion is it?

I'm really interested these days in pushing the feeling of "emotional, but no discernible emotion". Like "I have to scream for no reason". I am looking for the song that seems like it says the most but I cannot tell what it is saying at all.

This one comes close. The distorted vocals at the start - I think the only word I can "pick out" is "multishining" but I know that's incorrect. And then the whole tone, like... it feels "calm" but "energized", but these aren't emotions. These are maybe emotions a robot has. And yet it feels like a very human sound at time. Like the vocals around 1:50... that sounds not only like someone saying something, but someone who is overflowing with emotion, that needs to say something. Or the choral sounds around 2:40, there's so much... emotional implication in the soprano part, but the bass part just swells on one note. What is that feeling?

The pinnacle is right after, though. There's this low voice around 3:10, and then a similar pattern is repeated in a higher register right after. I always feel like I have to sing along. And then the piano flourishing... and the double-distorted version at 3:40... these vocal parts really move me, they pull my heart in some direction, strongly. It feels like a complete emotional statement, some emotional suite... Low, then high, then the piano, then both... But I can't place it. I can't tell what emotion it is. I wonder if this is how autism feels. It is like trying to understand the emotions of an alien race just as emotional and intelligent as us.

What sort of creature is Aphex Twin?

Will I understand someday?

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