Sunday, December 21, 2014

Song of the Day #106 - Dean Blunt - Flaxen

Not the same person who makes the Kanye videos

I've been listening to Dean Blunt's The Redeemer a lot lately... my iPod was broken for awhile, so I had to listen to stuff on Youtube, and this awesome channel had the entire album. It's a sick, sick, album... I'd kinda like to review it in whole some day, but I have about 300 albums I'd like to review in whole some day... some day, some day... Anyways, this is probably my favorite part of the album... The beginning has this sort of haunted nostalgia feeling, where you feel like you've heard this before, in some half-remembered amalgamation of a million similar things. And then after a brief silence, a transition that feels like a "shifted perspective" on the first theme, with these cool chanty vocals. And after that it gets crazy.

I think, as much as I want to be an Atlanta-based rapper or whatever, this is actually the sort of music I'm most interested in making. Dean Blunt has what I'd call a very "blunt" sound, lmao, in that I find his instrumentation and such is very "blatant", like, these are really interesting sounds, but there isn't a feeling of insane technical depth and perfectionism to them. Like, it seems like something I could arrive at, potentially, through my extremely limited experience in sound engineering, whereas something like Burial or Aphex Twin I could never replicate in a million years. The really interesting parts of this album come from the progression, the contrast, etc, rather than that single "God sound". Idk.

Oh and for people confused: Dean Blunt used to be one half of a duo called Hype Williams.

This is not the same Hype Williams that directs videos.

This really confused me a for a long time.

It was surprisingly difficult to figure this out for sure, even with Googling.



I hope that is helpful to some of you who are suffering as I have.

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