Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Song of the Day #116 - Kool Kats Klub - Go way harder

Im definitely cuter and i go way harder

I was told in my KOOL A.D. horoscope this month to listen to some Kilo Kish, so here's a deeeeep cut. I got this awesome mixtape or something from these guys, I have no idea what it is or where I got it, it's called Glass in my head and it is str8bangers. I listened to this a ton and then I saw Kilo Kish had a mixtape and some guest appearances and was popping up and stuff and I felt pretty good about that. But this is still hands down my favorite thing associated with them. I love this sort of production, super-active and "clean" but with heavy bass too. The verses are pretty tight, with like 15 bars about getting high and then "Matter of fact, I'm too high", hilarious. The distortion on the vocals is great, makes the whole thing seem more intense through chopping and stuttering... the whole thing has a feeling of being beamed into your head with high bandwidth. And then, to contrast, Kilo Kish's hook which is cute and hard and perfectly captures her unique blend of aloofness and investment.

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