Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Song of the Day #120 - iLoveMakonnen - Wrist (ft Father and Key!)

She say she didn't wanna keep it/Whew, look at God!/Guess that'll be our little secret


Damn, that's such a relief... Man, this song is super addictive, it's just so fun, a silly joyful experience. It knowingly highlights so many elements in hip hop that I already found interesting and then plays with them in all sorts of great ways. Like "wrist" - you got your Migos' style "hurricane wrist", which is referring to the way the wrist looks when you're whipping cocaine on the stove (I absolutely love this image) and super-chef Makonnen highlights this - "my wrist so goddamn potent". So potent that you start snoring and wake up in the morning. It's this sort of funny logical conclusion, both understated and hyperbolic...

But then you also have the idea of your wrist having a bunch of icy watches and jewelery and stuff, right? Like the reason you wake up from Makonnen's potent wrist is that your watch is good and wakes you up. And your wrist is so icy, you catch pneumonia in your fist, or your arm might get a runny nose. That's great, that's amazing. And Key! takes it even further, with uh, other things you do with your wrist.

And there's this weird dual reality to all of it... Father saying "I never had to whip a brick, but I get the gist", which is I guess my feeling towards hip hop. But then when they talk about Atlantastan, that's real, that's like... the actual circumstances of that area. Idk. I feel like this song lets me have fun with my distance from the reality of the content, whereas like... talking about the Kendrick track yesterday, I feel completely unqualified to try to offer any sort of explanation or judgment beyond "it's fire" or "woo!". Idk.

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