Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Song of the Day #121 - The Archivist - You Are Made of Stardust

Good drifting snow sorta song

I can't find this song on Youtube but I'm sure you can track it down somewhere. I really liked this album the year it came out and then I sorta forgot about the artist entirely. It's so hard to keep track of everything, you know? I found this by having my entire library on shuffle, which is something I think I should do more often. He has a sort of spacey noisy buzz that also feels very childlike and nostalgic, a warm but distant sound. There's just the right balance of noisy rythmic elements and gorgeous rich rounded acoustic elements, like the strumming of the guitar. I think my absolute favorite most precious music is this sort of thing, where the sounds are like suspended stars, and the whole feeling of it is like discerning a constellation.

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