Friday, February 13, 2015

Song of the Day #122 - Young Thug - Free Gucci

What the hell just happened last night?

Okay so I went to a Smash tournament last night, and when I got home I was just gonna head to bed but I checked /r/hhh quickly and... oh god??? What is going on?? New Kanye from the fashion show? Flylo heard the new Kendrick and said it was "brilliant"? New Drake album and/or mixtape and it isn't even Views from the 6?

It's like... big updates from basically the biggest three names in hip hop at the moment. They're all releasing their next big album project this year (hopefully!). It feels like the scene in some competitive anime where all the big bosses are powering up - who will become the 2015 champion? But didn't you forget someone? Who's that dark horse in the corner?? Young Thug, you loved rapping the best of all! All along, it was really you who was gonna be the 2015 artist of the year!

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