Thursday, June 4, 2015

Song of the Day #148 - A$AP Rocky - Canal St.

You say you goin' hard, but nobody feels the same...

In the aftermath of A.L.L.A., which kinda got blown up by Universal Themes, the song with the most sticking power ended up being this one. The very fact that I still end up looping it when I could instead be hearing Mark Kozelek on another Wordsworth via Larry David ramble is testiment enough to its strength. This song doesn't really appeal to me in the way other Rocky songs do, so it took me a bit to even understand how much I like it. Yeah, he has some solid verses, but the real addictive factor comes from a bunch of other elements that all hold weird and deep appeal to me. Like, bizarre fetishy inexplicable appeal.

Like the piano beat. I love piano-driven beats, especially when they have that sort of "distant" tone to them, but also a warmth. Like burial piano. And that tape-rewinding sound, I always love that. Or ones where the same word in a verse keeps being replaced by a sample that sounds different, like with "hustle" on this song. In general the entire construction of the beat on this track is insane and unlike everything else, but also so perfect and enveloping it feels nostalgic. And wait yeah what am I saying, these verses are well beyond solid, they're amazing and clever and wow Rocky what a rapper. "I'm just a kettle from the ghetto with no pot to piss in/So who am I to call it black?" daaaamn.

Okay but the absolute ultimate appeal is the hook!! The hook is so amazing! I love any hook where there's a sort of pattern, but there's like >4 different iterations of the pattern, and each one is slightly different, like, it isn't just one word swapped. Ahhh, why do I like that so much? It feels so triumphant, so complete. ESPECIALLY with the "classic" hip hop shouts and such in the background. Like this song both makes me want to wild tf out and crawl up in bed and cry. Huh??

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