Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Song of the Day #149 - Mac DeMarco - Another One

It must be another one...

OOPS, Song of the Day went on break for no good reason. I got caught up in another project, which I'm hoping you'll see the results of very soon. For awhile I kept skipping SotD and working on it instead because I felt like I'd finish it super soon and well um that turned out like everything does (spiraling outwards into an insane mess). But SOON! Hopefully!! Also I'm pretty busy in general but oh god i feel like ill be saying that my entire life.

ANYWAYS, Mac DeMarco is pretty sick but always sorta existed on the outskirts of my taste. I heard about him a lot on /mu/, I think he confirmed that he lurked there or originally promoted his stuff there or something? There was a certain sort of intense intimate relationship /mu/ seemed to have with him, and although it seemed interesting to me, it certainly wasn't something I was part of. And then I saw that his albums were getting good reviews so I listened to them and enjoyed them, but I dunno, it's like... I'm not sure why I like it, and, unlike a lot of other music, I felt uninterested in trying to root out and explain why I liked it. Like, I felt content with the amount that I liked it, and the amount I felt I understood it, and the amount I understood about why I liked it. Which is good, in a lot of ways, and an interesting quality of the music itself. But that was fine and that was it. Also like... I'm not sure what mood I'd be in where I'd really want to listen to it. It falls into my tastes but not my habits of consuming/reflecting.

BUT ANYWAYS, I saw this single had come out lately, so I thought I'd check it out, and I really like it! I feel like I want to listen to it a lot. The instrumentation has a sort of Boards of Canada-esque quality where it sounds immediately "old" and familiar and nostalgic. Something about that synth tone. And then the feeling bleeds into his vocals and lyrical work, which sound similarly "classic", like some sort of famous pop song you forgot, or maybe were just aware of but hadn't actually heard. And there's something really comforting about that, it feels like the music has been "pre-approved" in some way. Like that everyone must know this song, and you can sing it anywhere, and people will know it. A very happy friendly sort of feeling. Oh but then there's a chord progression during the chorus that sounds like NOTHING ELSE in a way I'm too lazy to describe, and it makes me feel like nothing else, and I want to listen to nothing else.

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