Thursday, June 18, 2015

Song of the Day #150 - Young Thug and Gucci Mane - Don't Look At Me

Idk what song of the day should be today

So here's another Young Thug/Gucci Mane banger which has nothing really special about it but isn't any worse than their typical output together, so it's amazing. Today all day I felt a little tired and out of it and not as productive as I wanted to be, but when I listen to this I feel pretty capable and energized. Gucci Mane provides such an intricate and immaculate flow, but operates so easily you feel like he's on gear one of sixty, basically just idling, really. He's just saying whatever comes to mind, but it sounds so great together and actually adds up to a sensible statement and argument and description of activities. How? And great lines like:

Two pair of Jordans in my trunk, got that .223
Call me Guwop Macaroni/Make you stick yourself like Tony
Why they call you Gucci Man and you head to toe Louie, nigga?

Which is one of the great existential questions of our time.

And then Young Thug's hook, which sounds like he made the sort of strange noise everyone makes when they're surprised or something, or sneezing, maybe, and he realized that it could be the basis of his whole hook, because he is a genius, or something. I love the way the whole tone of it changes when the beat goes lower during the hook. Metro Boomin is also amazing.

I dunno man it's a good song not sure what else I can say.

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