Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Song of the Day #155 - Wolf Parade - I'll Believe In Anything

Happy Canada Day!

To celebrate, here's a song from the era where my national identity, and maybe even patriotism, was strongest - when I mainly listened to Canadian indie rock. I still return to it, favoring bangers like this one. The sorta songs where you can't help sing along, and you don't care if your voice isn't perfect, cause hey, his isn't either. The cherishing of such "imperfections" was a huge revelation to me when I started getting into this genre, and probably was one of the most important lessons I ever learned in general.

Damn man this is a BANGER! I love how it starts out so abrasively with the synth and the first drums, a sonic force with absolutely no concession, and although it evolves into something more complex and digestible, it still retains that sheer energy and potential. By the end it's a full on jam, the sorta thing that sounds like guys going all out in their garage and really feeling it and really having fun. The lyrics are 100% full sincerity mode, just getting your loudest emotions down on paper. "I need sunshine", "I'll believe in anything if you believe in anything", "I'd share a life and you'd share a life", and, of course, "Nobody knows you and nobody gives a damn!", which I always somehow remember as "Nobody loves you and nobody gives a damn", which is uhh, much crueler. This isn't a mean song or a sad song or an angry song, but it isn't quite a happy song either. It's just an EMOTIONAL SONG, a song about BURSTING, and WOW i LOVE IT.

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