Friday, July 3, 2015

Song of the Day #156 - Death Grips - Deep Web

This is the 498th post on my blog!

Yup, we're approaching the big five-oh-oh. Whenever I've gotten the chance lately, I've been working on a project that I've been thinking of internally (and sometimes speaking of externally) as "my masterpiece", "the greatest thing I've ever written", "the greatest thing ever written", and "insane". It'd be nice if I could make my 500th post the best one yet but who knows when I'll get the chance to finish it. I can't work on it this weekend cause my city is hosting a big two-day tournament!

And I can't work on it tonight cause I'm going to Toronto to see DEATH GRIPS AW YEAH, which is why this is song of the day. This is probably my 2nd favorite Death Grips song. It loses out to "On GP" overall but feels more quintessentially Death Grippish. Plus, whenever I think too long about "On GP" it feels like I'm staring into a flat pit of despair.

"Deep Web" has everything I love in a Death Grips song, right from the title - loaded with significance but uncertain specific meaning. The mysterious sampled intro into a beat that is both relentless and static... the drum hits linger with you while the synths run ever ahead, it's the feeling of a building that's collapsing on you, never hitting, always collapsing.

The lyrics reflect this sort of constant forward edge - it's always at the point of exploding, but never hits release or relief. There's examples everything I love in MC Ride's delivery and lyricism - the mysterious, knowing, possibly prophetic ("Let flock of sheep get shaved off/Lynched from their halos"), the hellish boasts ("Omega megalomaniac"), the hip hop lineage ("Fuck bourgeois, ODB raw"), the suddenly real self-loathing ("Hate myself more than you ever could"), the sheer absurd ("I'm the coat hanger in your man's vagina"), and the transcendental, Ride-only, revelatory proclamations ("Don't make me take my face off!"). All this and more in just over two minutes!!

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