Friday, July 10, 2015

Song of the Day #158 - Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

As I'm gettin' older...

I did the title track for his new album so here's the one for his other one. Everything I said about that one I feel about this one too. I listened to his new album and quite liked it and at some point it reminded me of a feeling that I got when I first heard Salad Days, so I went back and listened to that and help help now I'm addicted in a way that I never had been before.

The feeling was one where like... this is the intro song, and the title track, and you might feel like there has to be a certain sort of grandness to those qualities, maybe? But no, it gets RIGHT into it, he sings RIGHT AWAY, and not just that, but on the very second that we've adjusted to that, he switches into the "la la la la la la" upper register thing... it's this sense of like... he doesn't quite get it? Like... that there's a way musicians are sort of expected to go about this thing, and he seems to avoid all of that... not out of rebellion or experimentation, but out of what seems more like a simple naive innocence. It's really beautiful in itself.

And beyond that, you feel like... because he doesn't do a traditional intro, he probably won't do a bunch of other stuff you're traditionally supposed to. And maybe that will happen to include everything you don't like in a record like this! There's that hope! There's like, no limit to how good this album could be, because it isn't bound by any conventions. I feel this way about The Glow Pt 2 and Ys as well. There it's encoded in the start of the title track and the start of "Only Skin" respectfully, and then colours your whole understanding of the album outward. Here it's right at the start, as soon as he starts singing "la la la la la la". How wonderful!

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