Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Song of the Day #159 - CL - Doctor Pepper (ft. Riff Raff + OG Maco)

Can't handle this!!

Okay so I was feeling pretty bummed out for a few days and I didn't want to do anything and I kept thinking I'd choose some depressing-ass song of the day, some Phil Elvrum ish, idk, but now I feel good so we're choosing this International Banger (read this like you would International Grandmaster, like in chess).

This came out awhile ago and occupied a sort of space in my brain where I'd forget about it for a few days and then remember with a sort of disbelief and have to listen to it a couple dozen times to confirm that it did in fact exist, and, in doing so, deconfirm the stability of the so-called reality that other people began to observe. Like, does this make sense to anyone? We got CL, k-pop A-lister, teaming up with Riff Raff and OG Maco, over a Diplo beat. We've been gearing up for a major k-pop invasion for awhile now, but so far it seems like it's been played more for silliness than... making as much money as possible as quickly as possible, which is sorta admirable.

Apparently the song was conceived when Diplo cancelled a recording session with CL, and she, being a bit annoyed, started laying down some hook about the pop she happened to be drinking. It's a sick hook, a perfect mixture of edge and irrelevance that nails the sexy-cute dynamic k-pop is founded on. Seriously the combo of the tongue-clacking and "I put it on ice, bitch, Dr. Pepper" says it all. And then the Youtube comments say it all about Riff and Maco's verses, which are perfect in what they ought to do hahaha omg kpop fans simply cannot understand what is happening, they have been betrayed by their queen. Hence the vaportrap aesthetic maybe. Or this comment. You fucked up and now new things are happening so you should try to enjoy them.

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