Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, the blog looks different. I gave up on trying to come up with colours that worked because I realized I had no idea how to do that. Oh well. Most places seem to have hit upon the idea that white on black is sort of a good idea. I can't disagree.

Anyways here's a few things:

Sit Down, Man

So, Das Racist. What a miraculous little group of guys. Clever raps. Then they hit big with a novelty song. Good for them. Now El-P's guesting on them and Diplo's got the production. This is the last piece, now they have a decent budget and beats as good as anything I've heard. It's almost too good, I found myself distracted from the lyrics, which are still the real appeal, and sometimes they ride on the beat or the hook for a little too long because it's so good, but I can't really complain. "All Tan Everything" is an initial highlight, but nearly every song had quite a few memorable moments. The number of good lines is surreal. They seem to be transitioning from parodies to more actual legitimate songs. Not sure what I feel about that. Bottom line is that this is like, the coolest lyrics I've ever heard, pretty clear too, and your mind is like flipping out thinking "did he actually just say that and flow it so naturally it was barely noticeable? but oh wait here comes some MONSTER BEAT" and it's awesome awesome awesome.

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