Sunday, October 23, 2011


Day 7500

Today I have been alive for 7500 days. Three-quarters to the big 10K! Anyways here's some stuff I've been doing:

New Cell Phone

Boldly stepped into the current decade with this new phone. Reasons I got it were like:
10% - Really good deal
10% - Maps
20% - Old one screwing up
60% - New phone can play music

I had a 5th Gen iPod video since like... late 2005, I guess, and that thing has been really great and super functional with rockbox etc up until early this year when the harddrive just went completely kaput. That thing was like a pseudo-umbilical cord so pretty devestating loss, but since I was so familiar with it and none of the newer ones had rockbox and because I was too cheap to get a new one I refused to get anything besides another one of the exact model. And that's surprisingly tough! Anyways I'm still on the lookout but eventually I got used to not having it. Well BAM that's all changed because NEW PHONE plays MP3s. And it's actually like a really bad music player, the battery is pretty low and it doesn't support many filetypes and there's no easy non-menu way to change tracks etc but whatever. On the other hand it has Youtube so I can listen to a bunch of stuff I didn't think to put on it and on the only hand that matters it plays mp3s and is portable. I finally get to give a proper workout to the earbuds I got in Japan and oh geez I swear these things have more bass than my actual cans. Or maybe I'm crazy. I think they have like an overabundance of like “aggressive” bass that plagues Skullcandy and Beats but they still sound fairly clear. Very happy with them.

One thing that's weird is that when I first got an mp3 player I sort of eased into it, combination of not really realizing how much I'd enjoy using it in various places and not really having a whole lot of music. Plus back then I had horrible little dollarstore earbuds and random 128kbps stuff from Limewire; these were dark, dark days. So yeah, a process of easing in, so I never experienced the weird thing I'm experiencing now which is going suddenly from no music to great sounding music everywhere. Suddenly the streets have all gone mute and campus went from like rowdy or whatever to very demure and unsettlingly calm. It's eerie! A bit. I dunno. But I forgot how nice it was to both appreciate outside with music and appreciate music with outside. Walking home in light rain listening to some piano arrangements of the Yume Nikki soundtrack, HOW NICE.

Oh speaking of which:

Video Games


Playing this again, got a new version but I don't think the newest version 'cause I can't get any of the non-English patched versions to load. Very very impressed. I have I think nine effects now? The latest one I found was the gas mask one in the crazy plant area, wow, wow, what an aesthetic. Seriously, this is rivaling Yume Nikki in terms of variety of really intriguing areas. I love the neon world especially, it's pretty “deep” though and I don't know if I'll be able to find it again. This game really fills me with some serious dread. Sorta goes into a whole thing about “art that is secret because it is so dreadful”, like, following my idea of “art so good that it's hidden” here we have “art so good at freaking people out/depressing them that it fades into obscurity despite it being awesome”. The extreme “conceptual” version would be a movie so systematically life ruining with its tragic beauty that everyone who watches it kills themselves. The real examples are stuff like this, to some extent Chris Ware, dfw's Oblivion which I have almost finished now, Dear Zachary, ultimate example is the K-On doujin trilogy - please do not investigate this further.

Okay so I was going to do other stuff but now I feel like doing this:

7500 days, 75 top things

List One: Predictions for the top 5 in Saimoe (too lazy to look at bracket to see if this will actually make sense)
5. Erica Hartmann
4. Mami Tomoe
3. Ruri Gokou
2. Squid Girl
1. Madoka Kaname

List Two: Top 5 Breakfast Cereals
5. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
4. Raisin Bran
3. Reese Puffs
2. Just Right
1. Honey Nut Cheerios

List Three: Top 5 Sufjan Stevens songs
5. “Impossible Soul”
4. “Seven Swans”
3. “The Upper Peninsula”
2. “Dumb I Sound”
1. “Vito's Ordination Song”

List Four: Top 5 websites

List Five: Top 5 Subreddits
5. /r/askGeorge
4. /r/comeonandslam
3. /r/TAS
2. /r/keatstalocation
1. /r/100BlackMen

List Six: Top 5 4chan Boards
4. /v/
3. /lit/
2. /mu/
1. /a/

List Seven: Top 5 Strike Witches
5. Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
4. Lynette Bishop
3. Erica Hartmann
2.Yoshika Miyafuji
1. Sanya V. Litvyak

List Eight: Top 5 Outkast Hooks
5. “Roses” - “I know you like to think your shit don't stink/but lean a little bit closer, see roses really smell like poo”
4. “Millenium” - “Uhuh, uhuhuhuh uh uh, uhuh uh uh uh uh” etc
3. “Elevators” - “Me, and you/Your momma and your cousin, too/Rolling down the strip on Vogues/Coming up, slamming Cadillac doors”
2. “ATLiens” - “Now throw your hands in the air/And wave em like you just don't care/And if you like fish and grits and all that pimp shit/Everybody let me hear you say oh yeaer”
1. “Rosa Parks” - “Ah-ha, hush that fuss/Everybody move to the back of the bus/If you want to bump and slump with us/We the type of people make the club get crunk”

List Nine: Top 5 Characters I am good with in Melee
5. Captain Falcon
4. Falco
3. Peach
2. Sheik
1. Jigglypuff

List Ten: Top 5 Characters I enjoy playing in Melee
5. Luigi
4. Captain Falcon
3. Mario
2. Pikachu
1. Young Link

List Eleven: Top 5 Hardest Songs I've Passed in ITG
5. “Destiny” on 9
4. “Remember December” on 9
3. “AA” on 9
2. “So Deep” on 9
1. “July” on 9

List Twelve: Top 5 Hardest Songs I'm Trying to Pass in ITG Now
5. “Tricky Disco” on 9
4. “Hand of Time” on 10
3. “Spin Chicken” on 10
2. “Tribal Style” on 10
1. “MAX 300” on 10

List Thirteen: Top 5 Coolest T-shirts I own
5. Galley-La company shirt
4. Marisa “Yukkuri shiteitte ne!” shirt
3. Godspeed You! Black Emperor shirt
2. Punpun standing on planet shirt
1. Das Racist T-shirt by Mishka

List Fourteen: Top 5 things I do with my new phone
5. Check 4chan, remember that all Wind users are banned on 4chan, close tab and sigh
4. MSN/email/text message etc
3. Directions
2. Listen to mp3s
1. Dick around trying to do the pattern thing as fast as possible to unlock it

List Fifteen: Top 5 other lists I was going to do
5. Top 5 other blog posts I have made
4. Top 5 channels on Youtube
3. Top 5 One Piece volumes
2. Top 5 types of “secret art”
1. Top 5 pieces of art ever

OKAY THAT'S ALL FOR NOW, let's aim for another enjoyable 2500 days. Or I guess 7777 will be a “lucky day”, then 8000. Whatever.

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