Friday, March 30, 2012

NO 1 2 LOOK UP 2


Do people like when I do stuff like this? I don’t really care either way I’m going to do it.

here is a download:

1 Long Ass Intro
This production pretty cool, very uh, I dunno, mysterious. Getting some Indian vibes. Name funny but not all that true. I guess 2.5 min is pretty long for a no rapping intro. Vocals very cool. Very beautiful. Very cool juxtaposition good job Gandhi. Fading out of initial elements, THAT’S SUBTLE, keep it up. These big drums and stuff like where does he get these sounds? This wouldn’t be too out of place in a hypothetical Indian Animal Collective album, which I would also listen the hell out of. Seriously NOT BAD, BBG, you are taking this as seriously as you should!

2 Blue Magic
Good transition, wow REALLY NICE. I had heard this one before but like wow, I never really appreciated just how nice that beat is before I heard this transition from like non-beat mode. Wow some real spitting here, this is definitely the BBG sounds. Call him various things, various swear modes, funny stuff. Getting REALLY INTENSE by the end, great contrast with Heems in perfect laid back mode. He delivers the title line with really good cadence. Quotes some BBG lines in new contexts, that’s classy. “Y’all sound like Coldplay”, BOOM. Double dragon dojo. Half-heart Barracuda, and then a Sarah Palin reference. YOU GUYS GET THAT? That’s obscure. More money rapping Heems is obsessed with getting rich and quitting, whatever, that’s fine. Now Victor doing Victor stuff. Activity raps, shout out to Young Honest that’s good. Calls BBG “Baby”, that’s funny. “You the school janitor, but with no keys though”, that’s pretty brutal. Apparently my mind is not ready for this, I think I may agree. Alright track 3 here we go.

3 All Over These Titties
Mike Finito production. Gandhi saying swag really fast. Chippy Nonstop some girl rapper, should be interesting. “Call me Pippy Longstock”, that’s pretty funny. This production is really crazy, like, I cannot get my head around it. Chippy raps pretty well. Sounds like the BBG version of like Nicki Minaj or something, like, really sourly sweet abrasive. Interesting. They shout over each others’ verses pretty nice. BBG has a few really crazy nostalgiareferences here, I like it. Production still has not begun to settle down and I hope it doesn’t. Chippy explicitly brings up the irony factor, is that not taboo? Or is that the cool thing to do now? Vocal stutters I like them. Mike Finito is getting really experimental.

4 Turbo
Oh man I knew this was Steel Tipped Dove before I even looked. Just sounds like him. This is a new sorta flow from our man Gandhi. I like it but it’s a little too like knowing maybe. Lyrics pretty funny. “Your fifth favorite rapper”, the men are dogs line from BFB, good stuff. Production is really cool though like some parts could be really legitimately terrifying if in a different context. I like how his flow gets more and more loose through the song. He’s a power ranger, you’re a screen saver. I like it. “Ball so hard but first they gotta find me”, now that’s CLEVER.

5 Drink a Lil Pepsi
Steel Tipped Dove again. This different than the beat previously on this song, like way different. This is pretty interesting for sure. Still really solid rapping on this one, some of his best flow I think. “They all roll their eyes quick – as if!”, that line never fails to crack me up. “ONLY REAL RAPPERS BE GANDHI AND LIL B” realest talk ever talked. “Plus I love her like fat kid love cake/or like a lotta whack kids love Drake”, that’s pretty real too.

6 Boogie Nights
This one I had heard before a few times and OH WOW. That beat wow, that flow on that beat. Has a rapper ever been this frantic/smooth? Wow so many crazy lines delivered so fast I can’t even try to copy them down. Best production so far I think. “Young Karma Sutra”, that clever man. I wish this was 10 times as long.

7 Get $$$
No this is the best production so far, HOT SUGAR is a GENIUS. Some really amazing flows here, really Gandhi style y’know? This hook is maddeningly catchy. Stuttered vocals with those synth lines. Wow NICE VERSE INTRO, NICE BEAT MIXUP. Wow. Wow. Seriously, listen to those synth lines, they are like from some halcyon myth of the eighties. Again can’t even begin to try to copy down lines because there’s too many and they’re all too interconnected. Amazing. I think he just like hard partystomped “White World” from BFB. I have to unretire words like ham to describe this.

8 Hi It’s Me, Baby
I don’t think there has ever been a better opening line to a song ever. I listened to this a whole bunch before too it leaked a ways back. I love this like, suburban idyllic flow. “Don’t blame me, I’m product of environment, only got love for violence, cue the violins”, good stuff. That’s not even the best line though honestly. Could be longer! I dunno. But I dunno how they could have done a hook. Seriously good rapping, seriously cool production. WOAH EXTENDED OUTRO? This doesn’t sound familiar? Nice. “I’m a killer, so kill me”, and then that vocal echo.

9 American Experience
WOAH, this production, WOAHHH, Steel Tipped Dove basically thinks he’s Trent Reznor at times. Wow. Good lines. Lots of swag shouts. Shoutouts to old songs. This sounds dang definitive and the album is only half over. Wow. Wow. This beat gets crazier on the hook of course and this hook is pretty powerful. Wow actually pretty deep introspection about loyality to his roots and stuff. Wow his flow is getting SO INTENSE. Like call up Nas and tell him the child has arrived. And the beat is getting EVEN CRAZIER? Woah seriously intense at this point wow seriously dang. Beat at the end really crazy, parody of minimalism by way of brutalism. Okay. That could’ve been the last song and this would have been great.

10 Stack City
BUT IT ISN’T, and WOW, this PRODUCTION, it sounds like something from .flow! Wow!!! Crazy cyclopean brick flow. Or Slothropian? On stacks on stacks on stacks, let me move on with my raps. I seriously just can’t get over how this sounds, it sounds uh, amazing, like, really cool. Crazy vocal mixup at the end, wow. Frightening. He’s going all the way in with this stuff. Nothing is inadmissible. Amazing.

11 Been a Villain
HOT SUGAR PRODUCTION GET HYPE. This is again like the 80s that never could be because this amount of cool was invented in 2006. Nice and simple this time, very sinister. “My name draw shrugs and my brain got bugs”, ohh this is like, the presuccess story. I like it. Lots of cleverness on this verse. “Since my birthday, 68 earthquakes, 93 hurricanes, what a fucking shame, 1200 people died in an airplane”, that’s uh, wow. Wow. That’d be a good line ANYWHERE. Wow, karma stuff. Cool. Beat getting REALLY COOL here on the outro. Sun goes perfect with a Hot Sugar mixtape.

12 Post Nihilism
BEST SONG TITLE EER. This is like the sort of thing I think about a lot, the death of cynicism and all that. Wow what is goooing on in this song?!?!? Uncle Gandhi!?!?! Slick Rick stuff! La-dee-da-dee, I am the Gandhi. Amazing. This production is really crazy. If the last one was sinister this one is downright evil. Getting weirder and weirder, what is that shouting sample. That piano part is amazing. “More drive than a floppy disk, mixed up like Rocky 6”, wow, and then some really sort of profound ideas “I don’t think I love myself”. “White people think I’m crazy cause they crazy”. “Material things give me new identity”, this is the least crazy man I’ve ever heard maybe. Ice Cube/Melle Mel dichotomy, INTERESTING. Vocal mixup at the end really cool. Oh wow this is like another version of the previous song? Like the titles are synonyms? I dunno.

13 Eulogy
Wow this production is like... I dunno. This is... wow. Actually like a legit eulogy for his uncle. Like, heartfelt and all this. Interesting. Didn’t expect to hear something like this. Lots of good lines. Production really solid. “Know there’s no afterlife but I’m gonna make you live through my poetry”, sheesh, BBG this is getting almost too serious you know? But who am I to say that? You should speak your heart etc and I am feeling this shit. Pretty profound final lines, y’know? Seriously you can’t ignore the actual human story when you listen to something like this. This is a man who actually did this stuff and now he’s made it, amazing.

14 True Blood
THAT BEAT, BRUV, YOU LYIN’? NO... HE’S FOR REALAHS. Wow. This is like, super-space. Wow. And some pretty amazing lines I’m hearing too. And DVS and Lakutis are gonna show up? I’m so excited. Deep space production for sure, we are going through wormholes etc. Lakutis doing his thing really well. DVS really really wow perfect contrast with the first too. Sounds like he’s uh, raspy El-P? Stoupe? I dunno. Great lines wow. “Still church” is funny. Nice job.

15 360 Degrees
Gandhi producing this one and it sounds nice. Real life stories time maybe. “You should know better than to get up in my cheddar”, like, he just knows how to make good lines like this and that’s what counts! Really cool production. I like how there’s a good mix of these sorts of songs that are like nonstop with really flowing production and then the larger multi-verse affairs that have a more beat-y beat. So cool. Still shouting swag. I’ll probably start doing that too at this rate. Stuff slowing down at the end is really cool.

16 Lurkin’
Okay I’ve heard this like five hundred times since it was released because like wow I cannot stop, oh wow. This is my favorite beat on the album still I think although there’s some close competition. Fat Tony is seriously cool, he is the big southern flow that Greedhead needs. And Gandhi’s verses are seriously hilariously. I can’t tell you how good this beat is though, it is “really good”. Like on the tier of “Relax”. Bridge in the middle is just amazingly next world. “Speakin’ on the TV more frequently than it’s Cleo”, what a cool-sounding line! His outro into Gandhi’s verse is like, so perfect. “Is that all?” and Gandhi says “No”. I love how they sort of play off alliteration motifs that the other used. “BBG, vigilante!” Cool. Outro almost sounds like BURIAL for half a second, I swear. Great song.

17 Mobile Number
I’ve heard this a million times before too but this is a bit difference. He starts up over the intro with his hook that’s okay but I really liked that intro I dunno. This still a really classic-sounding beat. Also some of his best flow still. “What is mobiiiile number?” I also really like the song this samples from, it’s some Bollywood thing. “Quack quack, woof woof I’m a predator”, this is one of my favorite lines of his ever for some reason. But yeah this is like his “Jungle Fever” I think.

18 Is This All For Real
Woah woah woah, this production, what does this sound like? Nothing I have ever heard before? Yeah that’s right. I seriously am doubting that this is all for real now. Wow and the beat gets even cooler. Spelling raps yeah. Straight up quoting Danny Brown, this almost seems insulting to do when you’re rapping over a beat that I don’t think would ever occur to him? It’s all in good friendly though. Nuts raps. Crazy with the rap. Said some shit that I said that I just said. This is good sort of outro flow. Like a flame sputtering out in all directions. “I just want the money and the money, you can keep the fame” “I won’t ever tell y’all my real name”. Wow. Cool. This beat is getting really intense. “Make my race look bad, that’s that BET”, wow that outro. GOOD JOB.

Oh it was just a mixtape, well, whatever. It stomped Big Fucking Baby I think and I really loved that album. I hope Pitchfork reviews this and gives it a like 9.6 and he blows up and tours in Toronto, and that I have a job before then.


Micah said...

cool review

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this review. I already thought NO 1 2 LOOK UP 2 was fantastic, but you made me consider some things that I hadn't considered before. It was like I had developed increased consideration skills for the time that I was reading your review WOW. F'real yo.